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Yhteiskunnallinen ja teknologinen kehitys vaikuttaa sisälogistiikan tulevaisuuteen voimakkaasti. Tällä sivulla esittelemme ne trendit ja innovaatiot, jotka kaikkien sisälogistiikan parissa työskentelevien tulisi tuntea.


Generation robot: the future is here

They used to be the characters from science fiction but now they are all around us. Robots change our lives in so many ways and they have been doing so for years. They record our shows, cook our food, play our music, and even run our cars. In recent years they also became a valuable addition to the warehouse workforce. Here we would like to share with you some thoughts about robots that are changing everything - not inside Hollywood blockbusters but right now in the world of intralogistics.

Software Solutions for your logistics

6 myths about automation of the intralogistic processes

Warehouse automation has many advantages: it increases the efficiency and speed of order processing, helps to reduce costs and reduces the number of errors caused by people. However, there are still doubtful opinions on if it necessary to automate the warehouse. SSI SCHÄFER's expert shares his opinion on some popular misconceptions about automation and explains why they don’t reflect the way things really are.


Is it a time to modernize the warehouse?

In this article we would like to share with you how to step on the way of modernization and why conveyors can be a good thing to begin with.


How to create a sustainable intralogistics and building infrastructure

When planning a new logistics building – and for retrofits too – green building and sustainability factors gain in importance. SSI SCHÄFER offers several green solutions. Moreover, the company offers further services from energy consulting and planning, certification and monitoring, and subsidy consulting. Johannes Zimmermann, Director Construction Management at SSI SCHÄFER, provides deeper insights in the following interview.


Reduce CO₂ emissions through volume reduction

SSI SCHÄFER returnable containers
75-80% space saving by ecological returnable containers
Maxing out all possible savings and protecting the environment – this characterizes our nesting containers. These containers are in fact space-saving miracles and ensure a decisive performance increase. Whether by tilting the bail arms of our conical reusable containers or a mere 180 degree turn of the EUROFIX boxes – nesting containers save up to 75% of volume because they can be simply stacked into one another when empty.

HARIBO Projekt-Inisghts 4.tif

Sustainably Convincing Storage Machines and Shuttles

Everybody is talking about climate protection. Discussed in-depth in society and linked to global campaigns, the topic of sustainability is also increasingly becoming a decisive criterion in logistics to ensure whether the offered solutions are viable. This is nothing new for SSI SCHAEFER as the topic corresponds to the long-term view on Green Logistics that was firmly engrained at an early stage. This is part of our Think Tomorrow. philosophy according to which we plan logistics solutions that are tailored to our customers’ needs and continually optimized with a view towards long-term criteria - this is the basis of our success.

Fashion Logistics

How to prepare your warehouse for Black Friday?

Go back five years in time and look at how you did your shopping then. Now compare it to your purchasing style today. No industry has ever changed as dramatically as retail after the introduction of e-commerce. Stores are open 24/7 both online and offline and consumers are ready to purchase 24/7 as well. This new type of retailing influences logistics a lot, as customers expect easy shopping, fast deliveries, smooth returns and quality customer service – no matter if they do their purchasing online or offline. Companies operating within retail meet these demands by optimizing their warehouse logistics.

SSI Order Verifier

SSI Order Verifier

Flexible solution for a wide range of applications
With the SSI Order Verifier, items from an already picked customer order can be identified, counted, checked, verified, and documented in a single step – regardless whether the article is cubic or cylindrical, packaged in a blister pack, tube, or bag.


IT Blog | The digital warehouse – The Challenges

Ines and Max are sitting in the warehouse control center monitoring the operating states of the material flow systems on the screens that surround them. The visualization does not show any incidents, everything appears to be running smoothly. In fact, it looks like today is going to be a pretty boring day...


IT Blog | The digital warehouse 2/4 – Potential Solutions

The starting point: A sudden increase of orders and a broken pallet led to major delays in the warehouse. In the example of Ines and Max, there are a number of ways in which the system can take action.


Shuttle Systems for Improved Warehouse Performance

Shuttle Systems are used for improved warehouse performance. Fast and efficient, the shuttle system is a welcome addition to the modern warehouse. The innovative technology of the shuttle increases speed, accuracy and throughput in warehouses and distribution centers quite significantly. How much faster can it be? Who can best benefit from these qualities? Get the answers on these and other questions.


Artificial Intelligence

Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) simply a buzzword or is there more to it? How we plan to start leveraging AI in our projects.

man it

The Digitization of Customer Service and Support

In 2007 we saw the launch of the iPhone, heralding a new digitalera. Since then, our personal lives have undergone dramatic change.We are always connected, and able to communicate with the rest of theworld anytime and anywhere, generating huge volumes of data.



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