Apotea automates with SSI Schaefer

Apotea, The largest online pharmacy in Sweden has grown rapidly since they started in 2012. Last year the company distributed 6 million packages and also moved in to a new built climate smart logistic center. Much of the order processing is done manually but now Apotea takes a step forward and will get an automated solution.

For the customer the process is simple – a couple of clicks and a few hours later the customer gets the delivery. The fact that the product is picked, packed and sent is a matter of course for the customer, but how is the question for Apotea. E-commerce is an industry where development is fast, and efficient order management and fast delivery are crucial for the company. Therefore, with the help of the logistics provider SSI Schaefer, Apotea has made a thorough analysis of how the warehouse can be made more efficient. The choice falls on a tailor-made automatic picking solution so-called A-frame.

“It is extremely enjoyable that we have found a solution together with SSI Schaefer and this will make us even more efficient and faster. After evaluating several solutions, we have now found a picking solution we will be able to grow with.” says Pär Svärdson, CEO at Apotea

The A-frame -system at Apotea can store up to 1500 products and has a picking capacity up to 1400 orders/ hour. Except of the picking solution and the associated conveyor system parts of the packing process will also be fully automated. Part of the system will be installed before the summer and the facility will be fully installed October 2019.

For more information please contact us,
Anders Bohlin, sales Manager Automation, SSI Schäfer Tel +46 725 - 37 37 00
Maria Alriksson, Head of Business Development,  Apotea Tel +46 704 – 33 04 49