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LOGY Conference 2022

Lauri Impiö, Head of Sales at SSI SCHÄFER Oy, will participate in intralogistics part of the LOGY Conference – “Update Your Business – How to succeed in the New Normal”. The conference will take place on the 9th and 10th of June, 2022.

Lauri will discuss the latest trends and the impact of Covid on warehouse automation and e-commerce fulfilment:

  • What happened with delivery time standards and how long it should take from shopping to shipping?

  • When it is wise to choose person-to-goods order picking instead of growing popularity goods-to-person?

  • Why do supply chain issues affect the EU more and how does it reshape the warehousing industry?

  • What has to be considered when planning efficient returns handling? Why it is a must rather than a choice?

When: 9th and 10th of June, 2022

Where: Aalto University

Target audience: Operations Managers, COO, CEO, Logistics Managers and Directors, Business Development Directors, Business Owners

To register for visiting LOGY Conference, please CLICK HERE.