Case Study JYSK

It has been known for a long time that the distribution center of the Danish furniture retailer JYSK in Nässjö is too small - that is 76,000 pallet spaces too small. So far, the system supplier on the project was unknown until now announced that it will be a new cooperation with the supplier of logistics solutions, SSI Schäfer. JYSK and SSI SCHAEFER have gradually grown to become good partners. The cooperation was established with the largest distribution center in Northern Europe at that time which is situated in Uldum, Denmark where SSI SCHAEFER built a distribution center including a.o. three high-bay warehouses with room for a total of 134,700 pallets as well as a Miniload warehouse with room for 30,000 trays. Later SSI SCHAEFER was pointed out to be system supplier of the construction of JYSK’s 100,000 m2 distributions center in Poland which with almost 170,000 pallet spaces serves JYSK’s interests in Eastern Europe and the Far East.

165,000 pallet spaces after the expansion

The cooperation is now moved to Nässjö in Sweden where JYSK’s existing distribution center is about to be expanded by 76,000 pallet spaces resulting in a total of 165,000 pallet spaces after the expansion. The warehouse in Nässjö which serves all JYSK stores in Sweden and Finland already has two high-bay warehouses with a total of 55,000 m2 but as storage of the company’s products also takes place at nine external warehouses in the area this expansion is carried out in order to ensure storage of all products under one roof.

SSI SCHAEFER was designated as the supplier as JYSK believes this would be the safe choice. Logistics Manager, Annika Löfgren at JYSK explains: “Since we last built in Nässjö, SSI SCHAEFER has proven itself as a reliable supplier to the JYSK Group. With projects in Denmark and Poland, they delivered more than 300,000 pallet spaces for JYSK and thus demonstrated great competence and experience in solutions for our group. The strong concept for the expansion and successes of our previous cooperation were the main reasons that SSI SCHAEFER was chosen as the system supplier in Nässjö”.

The construction began in January 2014 and is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2015. By that time the additional 75,000 pallet spaces will be available in a new 40 meters high, 155 meters long warehouse which includes 10 double-deep pallet cranes type Exyz. Included in the delivery is also a brand new shipping area, conveyor technology and the extensive logistics software WAMAS® from SSI SCHAEFER.


Il magazzino serve tutti i negozi JYSK in Svezia e Finlandia.

JYSK: un ulteriore passo avanti nel futuro

In passato SSI SCHÄFER ha già realizzato centri di distribuzione in Danimarca e Polonia per il rivenditore di mobili danese JYSK. La collaborazione è ora proseguita con il progetto per il magazzino svedese di Nässjö, dove il centro di distribuzione esistente di JYSK sta per essere ampliato di 76.000 posti pallet, per un totale di 165.000 posti pallet. Il magazzino serve tutti i negozi JYSK in Svezia e Finlandia. Gli spazi per pallet a doppia profondità sono serviti da 10 gru a doppia profondità tipo SSI Exyz. Sono inclusi nella consegna anche una nuovissima area di spedizione, la tecnologia di trasporto e il software di logistica WAMAS® di SSI SCHÄFER.


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