Case Study EDEKA, Germany

Food logistics on a grand scale

EDEKA Minden-Hannover’s U-shaped logistics centre in Lauenau, its largest construction project to date, has a 71,000 m² footprint. SSI SCHAEFER was awarded the contract for the prestigious project and was responsible for the supply of all warehouse systems and components. In addition, its powerful WAMAS® software models and manages all processes in the semi-automated logistics centre – and has now been implemented at over 30 EDEKA locations.

Products are stored at a broad range of temperatures, from pleasant ambient conditions, to a crisp 4 °C, or a frosty −23 °C in the freezer section. However, a number of challenges had to be overcome before this remarkable facility commenced operations.

EDEKA Minden-Hannover, one of seven regional companies within the German EDEKA Group, embarked on its largest construction project to date in Lauenau. The undertaking followed on the heels of other successes, including the commissioning of facilities in Freienbrink, Mittenwalde, and Landsberg and the extension of a warehouse in Osterweddingen.

In addition, the new logistics centre incorporates an impressive number of pallet positions. Some 15,360 are provided by the automated high-rise racking system, which is served by 16 SRMs. The picking modules for dry and delicatessen goods add another 13,000. 28 SRMs are deployed in this section. In addition, 2,000 pallet positions in the storage area for fruits and vegetables and 5,855 in the freezer store are available. In these zones, putaway and picking are carried out manually.


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