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SSI Schäfer IT Solutions GmbH, headquartered in Giebelstadt, Germany, has become one of the largest providers of release-ready software for internal material flow. More than 1,100 IT experts develop high-performance applications and advise customers on solutions for the intelligent linking of software and hardware components. The comprehensive software portfolio with WAMAS® and SAP covers all processes from warehouse to material flow management.

The core competence lies in the realization of international turnkey systems paired with the specialization in highly innovative, automated intralogistics solutions as well as the appropriate logistics software. With its extensive performance capabilities, the intralogistics specialist covers the entire value chain and develops versatile complete solutions in its customers' industries. 

We offer opportunities in the following areas:

  • IT Development (JAVA, C++, C#, SAP)

  • Software Engineering

  • Project Management

  • IT Support

  • Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

  • IT Management & Consulting

  • Industrial Logistics

  • IT Infrastructure

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