Automated Storage

Automated storage-retrieval machines and shuttle systems to increase efficiency and quality in warehousing

Automated high-bay warehouse at HARIBO

Fully Automated Systems for Maximum Goods Availability

Fully automated systems provide more benefits than manual or semi-automated solutions. However, they also require the highest investment. Depending on your application, a fully automated system may be the best fit if you need a high throughput, have a high SKU count, or have the need for highly dense storage.  

Other motives for a fully automated solution are to offset labor or reduce product waste—which are large operating costs. Another thing to mention about fully automated systems is that there is full visibility with product tracking. 

Automated systems from SSI SCHAEFER are scalable systems for dynamic and space-saving storage in bins, cartons, or on trays and pallets while utilizing the full room height. Storage and retrieval and machines and shuttles ensure that warehouse processes run efficiently 

Features & benefits

  • Unique custom solutions to meet specific requirements 

  • Choose from a wide variety of options - including size and height preferences 

  • Solutions for even the most extreme applications, including low-temperature environments 

  • Reliable delivery thanks to an in-house steel milll 

  • A dynamic, flexible, and sustainable solution 

  • Modular and scalable solutions for future growth 

  • High storage density and fast access 

  • Excellent use of space 

  • Low maintenance thanks to high-quality and proven machine elements 

  • Connection to higher-level ERP systems with in-house developed software solutions

SSI Flexi Shuttle

Automated Storage Systems for Small Load Carriers

SSI SCHAEFER’s storage-retrieval machines and shuttle systems are the solution for fully automated storage and retrieval of containers, cartons, and trays.

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SSI Exyz

Automated Storage Systems for Pallets

SSI SCHAEFER’s storage-retrieval machines and shuttle systems for heavy load carriers are key elements of a cost-optimized logistics chain.

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Storage-Retrieval Machines and Shuttle Systems for Miniload Systems

SSI SCHAEFER’s storage-retrieval machines and shuttle systems are the solution for fully automated storage and retrieval of containers, cartons, and trays. They guarantee rapid and flexible material transport together with short access times. Benefit from optimum turnover performance and vastly increased efficiency. 

Our portfolio includes the following solutions: 

SSI Flexi: The Shuttle Offers a Variety of Intelligent Functional Storage 

SSI Cuby: Single-Level Shuttle with High Availability and Efficiency 

SSI Miniload: Storage-Retrieval Machine to Gain Maximum Use of Space 

Optimized Material Handling at Great Heights 

High-bay warehouses optimize your logistics at great heights by using maximum space, fast and direct access, safe vertical storage greater than 45 m high.  

With automated high-bay warehouse systems from SSI SCHAEFER, you can store more items in a smaller space, quickly and safely. The systems are always available, so you can make the most of your space. 

Storage and retrieval machines and shuttle systems guarantee fast and flexible material transport with short access times. In addition, SSI SCHAEFER provides solutions for fully automated storage of entire pallet layers on trays. 

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