Conveying and transporting

SSI SCHAEFER offers a broad spectrum of modular transport solutions capable of handling the most diverse range of commercial goods flows with maximum efficiency and economy.

Container and Carton Conveyor System

Conveying and transporting

Modular conveying systems for safe and efficient goods transport

SSI SCHAEFER’s range of components and solutions is as diverse as intralogistics activities themselves, encompassing transporting and sorting, merging and diverting, buffering and storing. Article groups, throughput and the desired load carrier are the key factors required to determine the optimum transport solution. These define the parameters for both the dynamic storage systems and the required components.

Transport systems from SSI SCHAEFER keep your goods flowing and form the foundation for economical processes involving repetitive procedures and consistent transport paths. From load carriers to control and system-wide software solutions to conveying systems — SSI SCHAEFER delivers you one-stop solutions, manufactured in-house. The high-quality compatibility of all of the components ensures the entire system functions smoothly, guaranteeing you continual reliability from investment.