Fully automated picking

Automated picking also has an array of picking solutions which handle robotic solutions for piece, case, and layer picking. Automatic Picking Systems for automatic picking offer you fast processing of incoming orders with consistently high quality, regardless of the workload. Even at peak times, the material flow in your warehouse remains optimal and guarantees short throughput times.

In the area of ​​automatic order picking, you can fall back on a wide range of offers for a wide variety of requirements.

With the A-Frame we offer you an automatic picking solution that enables complex orders to be processed quickly, especially in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries - even at peak times.

Our robot-supported picking solutions include intelligent concepts for case picking with robots as well as systems for highly dynamic single-item picking. Integrated in an automatic logistics solution designed according to the patented 3D-MATRIX Solution®, innovative and contemporary picking solutions for the highest throughput requirements can be implemented. Due to the special design, the storage cube is treated as a system that is open on all sides - this creates independent processes while avoiding bottlenecks at the same time. Access to all items in the storage system is ensured and all connected goods-to-person workstations are served directly with the desired storage items.

Regardless of which SSI SCHAEFER system is the best solution for you for automatic order picking, you always benefit from a number of advantages when using it.

Your benefits:

  • High productivity at peak times

  • Optimum expandability thanks to the modular system

  • Optimum use of space thanks to high product density

  • Consistently high quality and reliability even at peak loads

  • Increased efficiency by eliminating time-consuming manual picking work