How Are Racking and Shelving Inspections Done?

Although the term inspection might sound overwhelming, the importance of inspections and the results, can not be underestimated; they can make the difference between having a safe warehouse operation and one where accidents and issues can be fatal. A passed or failed inspection of storage systems can also be one of the key fundamental drivers to having an effective and reliable supply chain. 

  • A racking inspection is carried out by officially certified racking system inspectors via visual controls.

  • The observations during, and results of, the inspection are documented within our Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (SSI SCHAEFER CMMS) tool and indicated with an inspection badge. 

  • All relevant information, observations, identified defects/ needed improvements including respective photos, are digitally stored within the SSI CMMS App.

  • Finally, all recorded data is summarized promptly in an automatically generated PDF report.  The report is reviewed together with you to talk about actions and solutions, to address any issues.

  • Additionally, the digitally stored data can be studied and analyzed to derive comprehensive conclusions.