What are the benefits of using a Mobile Racking System in the warehouse?

Sometimes what you have is just not enough anymore. For example, the capacity of your warehouse used to be ambitiously high but with the recent growth, it seems to close fast. Discussions of moving to a larger warehouse or expanding the existing space – another building, for instance, and investments needed to fulfil it, become real with the real costs in mind. Stop right here, you need an intralogistics expert.

A study shows that not having enough storage is very likely to be caused by the inefficient use of space. On average only 68% of warehouse capacity is utilized. 

A flexible and dynamic system to save you space and money

Mobile Racks are guided by rails on the floor to compactly store large and heavy goods and open one or more aisles for storage and retrieval when access is needed.

Who is the customer and why the choice is obvious here?

One should consider Mobile Racks solutions if faced with one of the following issues:

  • Storage space is limited but the company is not ready to move

  • The warehouse has cold and frozen storage areas

  • Planning to store heavy and bulky goods with slower turnover

The benefits with no doubts

  • Tetris like organization: Use the existing space better

It is as simple as this: fixed pallet racks have multiple aisles to provide access for placing and retrieving goods to and from a shelf. At the same time, a Mobile Racking System requires as little as one aisle with the rest of the shelves put close to each other. When one needs to access another aisle, the switch can be done through the controls system. Picking of the goods is completed manually, semi-automatically or fully automatedly based on the company’s process design.

Are you curious how much space can bу saved by this simple trick? We conducted research for you that highlights a result of 45%!

P.S. Great news for taller warehouses: Mobile Racks can be built as high as possible meaning a client can get the most out of every square meter – even vertically.

  • The Earth’s hour: Sustainability in intralogistics

Year after year the business community focuses more on sustainability. How can your business harm the environment less? In which ways can it contribute to recovering the exhausted resources?

We at SSI Schaefer considered the environmental impact while designing our Mobile Racks. That is why they are equipped with a smart lighting system: only the open aisle is illuminated. What if one chooses another line? The light then follows the aisles so the needed inventory and all important routes always stay clear and visible.

  • We care about your priorities: Accident-free space

Moving shelves may seem a high-risk construction but for us at SSI Schaefer safety comes first. To protect employees and picking equipment from accidents Mobile Racks have multiple different sensors, barriers, and stop-buttons to prevent any predicament.

For example, access light barriers register everything that passes them and therefore prevents movement until the line is empty. A foot-level light barrier will make sure even the smallest objects are not on the way to disrupt the operations. There are also emergency stop buttons placed at each shelf so the system can be stopped at any time.

  • The special support: 2 particular cases for Mobile Racks

The system is designed flexibly to serve different needs based on the size and shape of the stored goods. It can be adapted to store tyres compactly and efficiently. Generally, tyres take up a lot of space and therefore sometimes are placed outside or in other areas that are not initially designed to store them. Like any other product if you store them improperly tyres may become less durable in use.

Another case Mobile Racks are perfect for is Deep Freeze storage. With its dense and compact design, it requires significantly less space for storage. Therefore, a deep freeze zone equipped with Mobile Racking System uses less power. Great news for reaching both core business goals – sustainability and cost-saving.

  • Don’t spend your last penny: Low maintenance service

Pallet racks’ maintenance is often overlooked, but storage systems require regular checks just like warehouse machines such as conveying systems. Without proper care, it may be unsafe to use the shelves due to the high risk of accidents and goods damage.

However, Mobile Racks don’t require much attention. In most cases, technicians inspect shelving levels and bolts to be solidly fixated.  Easy as it is: with the scheduled check up two times per year, the system should be good to go.

The Mobile Racking System is an important step to a semi-automated warehouse with minimum investment. Its modular structure helps to design the perfect solution for your business's unique requirements. Mobile Racks can help you to free up some space, approach sustainability issues, prevent accidents, address special cases and while doing so not spend a fortune on setting up and maintenance.

  • Automate it: Mobile Racks solution with Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

A further way to achieve additional increases in productivity and cost savings is by automating and interlinking material handling processes. By integrating AGVs, a company is given the opportunity to adjust processes within manual or semi-automated systems to a new framework. Consequently, these processes can be retrofitted to modified customer needs or a new market situation.

In order to easily upgrade these systems to fully automated installations, we offer the option to combine the racking systems with the AGV for heavy load carriers (i.e. SSI Heavy Load AGVs such as Reach Truck or Counterbalance).  This allows efficient networking of remote warehousing and work areas far from the mobile racks.