LOGIONE: New Stand-Alone Software for the Vertical Lift Module

SSI SCHAEFER is presenting new software especially for stand-alone operation of the SSI LOGIMAT Vertical Lift Module. LOGIONE is a simple and intuitive storage location and article management system. The self-explanatory user interfaces support the operators and eliminate the need for time-consuming training. LOGIONE is now available for users to download free of charge from the intralogistics expert's website.

Digital warehouse management brings great benefits in terms of transparency and access times. But what if the Vertical Lift Module is not connected to a higher-level ERP system? Especially customers who do not have and do not need complex warehouse management benefit from very simple and fast storage and picking processes with LOGIONE. This makes the software a powerful solution.

The SSI LOGIMAT Vertical Lift Module has been a proven solution from SSI SCHAEFER for the storage and picking of small parts for many years. In addition to extensive basic functionalities, it offers a wide range of additional options and customization options to adapt it to special tasks, users or conditions. With LOGIONE, an option has now been added that has been tailored to the special requirements of a stand-alone solution.

All the basic functions of the Vertical Lift Module are supported by LOGIONE. This includes a simple search as well as fast storage and picking processes. The management of articles and storage locations is simplified by a visualization of the corresponding storage compartments. Important functions such as user management and the transaction log ensure transparency and help to optimize processes. The optional additional components for increasing ergonomics and efficiency - LOGIPOINTER, LOGITILT and LOGIWORK - are supported, as is the use of barcode scanners.

LOGIONE is an innovative solution and the first step towards digital transformation in the warehouse. Designed as a simple and clear system, it is easy to download and can be installed independently without additional hardware. Thanks to user-friendly dialogs and an intuitive interface, it is easy to learn to use - no extensive training is required.

The software supports the latest generation of Vertical Lift Module (SSI LOGIMAT type SLL) with a maximum of two access openings. Furthermore, the standardized LOGIDRIVER PLC interface must be installed and at least one 12" display must be available.

The SSI LOGIMAT is scalable and can be adapted to changing requirements. The Vertical Lift Module can be connected to a higher-level ERP system or even controlled directly from SAP - provided the corresponding software is available. It is also possible to integrate additional Vertical Lift Modules and manage them via the WAMAS Lift & Store intralogistics software.

With LOGIONE, SSI SCHAEFER has created a powerful and user-friendly software solution that enables entry into digital warehousing.


LOGIONE impresses with its modern and intuitive interface and user-friendly dialogs.


Specially designed for stand-alone operation of the SSI LOGIMAT Vertical Lift Module, LOGIONE offers easy-to-use storage location and item management.

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