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After a successful premiere at IFAT, the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technology, SSI SCHAEFER Plastics will also appear at FACHPACK 2022 in Nuremberg, Germany, as an independent company of the SSI SCHAEFER Group. Its presence at the trade show from September 27 to 29, 2022 will focus on sustainable returnable containers for storage, transport, and automation. They help minimize packaging expense, prevent transport damage, reduce environmental impact, and cut costs throughout all process steps.

From small businesses to medium-sized companies and large corporations – companies are very concerned about efficiency, security of supply, and sustainability. This is the case in almost all industries. Container pools are worth considering especially in intralogistics, since adjustments in this area can contribute significantly to an optimization of the material flow and reduction of the CO2 footprint.

Against the background of these developments, SSI SCHAEFER Plastics aims to demonstrate to customers and other interested parties at the trade show how it puts SSI SCHAEFER Group’s motto “Think Tomorrow.” into practice now.

  • Sustainability – durable returnable containers that conserve resources, reduce CO2 emissions, and cut costs.

  • Intelligence – additive technologies as an extension to barcodes to provide the required information 24/7 with a paperless, mobile approach using smartphones.

  • Automation – a requirement-specific, project-specific container design that supports any degree of automation gives customer maximum investment security. Customized packaging for automated handling – thermoformed or injection-molded.

Sustainability – Returnable Containers, Robust Solutions for Standardized Processes

“Our customers benefit from our decades of experience producing durable, high-quality returnable containers,” says Christine Jorzik, Global Director of Container Sales at SSI SCHAEFER Plastics. “Besides ensuring a good ROI for the customers, improved resource utilization also conserves materials and benefits the environment. Additionally, and most importantly, our containers are 100% recyclable.” In addition to Europallet sized containers for manual handling, SSI SCHAEFER Plastics will also present foldable, nestable containers that save space and minimize the transport volume by up to 75% for return of empties by truck – further improving the CO2 footprint. It will also debut thermoformed inserts made from DSD materials.

Intelligence – Consistent Transparency for Optimized Container Control

Barcodes remain the primary way to identify containers, but humans cannot decode them without scanners. Therefore, SSI SCHAEFER Plastics offers the additional option of using QR codes. These store information which users can quickly and easily download to their smartphones, allowing timely retrieval of complex information in abbreviated form, updated daily, such as product information, work instructions, or the circulation status of the container. They also indicate when resourcing is required and where empty containers or remaining products need to be taken.

The RL-KLT GGV dangerous goods container, which took first place in the 2021 “Materialfluss Product of the Year” award in the category of containers, boxes, and pallets, will also be on display. The KLT dangerous goods container protects solid hazardous materials during storage and transport and allows optimal handling. It is extremely stable, completely tamper-proof, and, as a type-tested and approved container, meets the requirements of ADR and the German Ordinance on the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road, Rail, and Inland Waterways (GGVSEB). As further developments, we will present the KLT 400×300 dangerous goods container and reduced-volume KMB series containers at FACHPACK, as well as solutions with a QR code and Smart Lock application.

AUTOMATION – Containers for Maximum Demands

SSI SCHAEFER Plastics will also focus on high-performance automation containers at FACHPACK: perfectly designed containers for automated processes in the light, medium, and heavy weight application ranges. Fire protection remains a popular topic, and SSI SCHAEFER Plastics will also address it in Nuremberg through containers with integrated water drainage holes with a fire class classification per VdS and FM Global. Two new automation containers are making their trade show debut; these have been developed purely for fully automatic use in state-of-the-art shuttle warehouses.

Customized Packaging – a Collaborative Approach all the way to the Finished Product

The customized packaging category includes custom-designed packaging for goods with high automation or product protection demands, such as sensitive electronic items, fittings, or painted components. “Customized packaging is always developed in close partnership with customers – from the concept to the model or CAD data and then to a finished product, tailored to each specific application,” says Thomas Jettkant, Sales Manager for customized packaging at SSI SCHAEFER Plastics. “The fact that customers can choose between injection molding and thermoforming production methods sets us even further apart. SSI SCHAEFER Plastics provides everything from a single source, including assembly.” This eliminates interfaces and the associated added expense for coordination.

In response to the significant demand increase in the field of electromobility, SSI SCHAEFER Plastics is also currently working on customized packaging for storage and transport of Li-ion batteries. These containers are produced by injection molding and equipped with a special flame-retardant insert. “With this new development, which we also fully manufacture in-house, we continue to pursue our strategy of open communication and collaborative partnership, in line with SSI SCHAEFER’s philosophy of closely involving the customer in the process from the very beginning,” emphasizes Thomas Jettkant.

SSI SCHAEFER Plastics at the FACHPACK Trade Fair in Nuremberg / September 27–29, 2022 / Hall 6 Booth 6-439

The motto of our group of companies is “Think Tomorrow.”

At this event, SSI SCHAEFER Plastics will follow this motto by exhibiting transport and packaging solutions that are geared to this approach.

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