Sophisticated navigation

In contrast to conventional auto-guided transport systems, the WEASEL® does not require numerous sensors or a complex control system. Instead, the WEASEL® fleet navigates along an optically designated lane. This lane can be applied quickly and easily and can also be modified at any time to match your requirements. The WEASEL® achieves speeds of up to 1 meter per second on paths.

WEASEL® systems are flexible, scalable, and can be integrated into existing intralogistics solutions without extensive work. The standardized control software can be installed quickly and easily, which enables the system to be scaled up or down at short notice. The transport orders are generated by manually activated radio commands, third-party systems such as production machines with a PLC, or your material flow system. A fleet controller manages the orders and assigns them to the corresponding vehicles.

The energy is supplied via maintenance-free battery packs that can be recharged manually in a charging cabinet automatically via floor contacts. Depending on system utilization the WEASEL® can achieve operating times of up to 12 hours with one battery charge.