Weasel Lite

WEASEL® Lite | Battery pack (2 batteries + 1 carrier)

Contents of the package:

1 x battery pack for a WEASEL® Lite Vehicle, consisting of 2 Panasonic batteries in a frame to be used in the vehicle.

Each vehicle requires a battery pack for sufficient energy to drive around your layout for approx. 4-6 hours. Even if each vehicle is supplied by default with 2 of these battery packs, they may wear out after a certain period of time (see manufacturer's data sheet) and the vehicle will need to be charged more often.

- Lead-gel batteries
- Weight: approx. 10.4 kg
- Performance/capacity: 16Ah, 24V (2x12V)
- Charging cycles:
    Depth of discharge 100% = approx. 400 pcs.
    Depth of discharge 50% = approx. 800 pcs.
    Depth of discharge 30% = approx. 1,600 pcs.