Advantages of SSI Flat Pack Picking, the Solution for Bulky Goods Picking

Our promise for safe planning, operation and expandability:

  • Efficient, Optimized Palletizing: Pack patterns, newly calculated for each specific case forms the basis for assembling stable pallets with reduced volume.

  • Space Savings: SSI Flat Pack Picking occupies minimal floor space in both new and existing warehouses.

  • Expandability: The solution can be tailored to specific needs and expanded at any time.

  • Less Physical Strain for Employees: Creates a more ergonomic, attractive working environment

  • Process Reliability: Constant material flow and safe handling of heterogeneous items

  • Reliable 24/7 Operation: Fully automated turnkey picking solution

  • Everything from a Single Source / an All-in-One Package: The SSI Flat Pack Picking Module’s hardware and software are designed for high performance, and SSI SCHAEFER is a single source supplier.