Optimized Pallets Pack Pattern Generator as Central Software Technology

Pack Pattern Generator as central software technology

The smart Pack Pattern Generator calculates an optimized pallet according to individual specifications. This is done by using sophisticated algorithms and is based on the information from image-processing systems. Different criteria are weighted according to the customer:

  • Volume optimization

  • Stability

  • Certain restrictions and product groups

  • Store-specific structure

Immediately after the calculation is completed, the calculated pallet is visualized and the order can be started and processed by SSI Case Picking. The system accesses the ordered items by batch number or best before date or according to the First In, First Out (FIFO) principle.

If there are malfunctions during the automatic palletizing, e.g. due to a damaged package, the order can be packed onto the same pallet with a packing pattern modified in real-time or, if necessary for stability reasons, the order can be repacked onto a new pallet.

The SSI Pack Pattern Generator enables the packing layout for each individual pallet and store to be configured individually and applied automatically. This intelligent best in class packing algorithm calculates and implements volume-optimized, stable and store--optimized packing patterns.

The sequenced in-feed and palletizing of all respective retail units is essential to create the “perfect pallet”. The temporarily stored units are retrieved from the picking warehouse in the correct order and transported to the palletizing robots in the optimized sequence. Thanks to the 3D-Matrix Solution this takes place without any performance loss and without any additional sub-systems for subsequent sequencing. They rapidly and reliably pack the goods onto pallets or into roll containers using the previously calculated, optimum packing pattern for each store.