Four goals achieved with ergonomics@work!®

With ergonomics@work!® , SSI SCHAEFER pursues four goals within the various product groups:

  • Transporting loads either horizontally only or downward by gravity. This is ergonomic and protects both the back and joints.

  • Avoid unnecessary movements. The work station is designed around the employee. Minimizing movements can reduce time for individual steps and increase efficiency.

  • Clearly designed work station with simple user guidance. This focuses the attention of the employee on each individual step. Adding light sensors and software-based systems further improves quality.

  • The designs and materials are selected to enhance concentration, to enable freedom of movement, and to prevent injuries. We round out the individual elements as needed and manufacture contact surfaces out of wood.

Our Get and Pick Station is one of many good examples of the successful implementation of these objectives. The ergonomic design delivers a quality improvement of up to 300%.