Euro container KLT

SSI SCHAEFER has years of experience with manufacturing containers for the automotive industry. The Euro containers (KLT) made of plastic according to the VDA standards 4500 and 4504 provide you with a standardized range of containers for manual and semi-automated handling.

R-KLT container with ESD safe EPP foam insert

Euro container KLT

Clever containers for the automotive industry

The sturdy and robust Euro containers (KLT) are manufactured out of polypropylene to VDA standards and specifically designed for the automotive industry’s needs. They are ideal for manual handling on production lines, automated removal from containers, and transfer to empty stacks. In addition, the KLT grooves and lifting slots ensure effortless manual and vertical gripping.

Mixed types of KLTs can be stacked on 1200 x 1000 mm and 1200 x 800 mm Euro pallets. The ribbed base with stacking supports ensures that the cradles are very stable, enabling you to stack groups. Furthermore, the SSI SCHAEFER containers are also easy to clean due to their smooth interior walls. 

Comprehensive range of accessories
A broad spectrum of accessories for our Euro containers lets you customize them for your specific requirements. These accessories include covers and intermediate layers.

Euro container KLT

Euro container (KLT) for the automotive industry to VDA standards.

Clever containers for the automotive industry

  • Made of polypropylene or electrostatically dissipative polypropylene

  • Sturdy and robust construction

  • To VDA standards

  • Fully recyclable

  • Ergonomic handles

  • Available in various sizes and colors to meet your specific requirements

  • Smooth interior walls for easy cleaning

  • Manual handling on production lines

  • Automatic part removal from containers

  • Transfer to empty stacks

  • Horizontal and vertical grouping using the KLT grooves and lifting slots

  • Grooves on the front and sides for automatic handling

  • Supports gripping and clamping machinery through special grooves on the long sides

  • Can be stacked on 1200 x 1000 mm and 1200 x 800 mm Euro pallets

  • Comprehensive range of accessories

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