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Choose from our wide portfolio of long, narrow, and wide-aisle warehousing solutions or systems that offer single- or double-deep storage.

Pallet Rack PR 600

Clever Solutions for the Manual Storage of Large Load Carriers

The pallet racking systems from SSI SCHAEFER are just as practical as Euro and industrial pallets. Whether for flat pallets, mesh box pallets, long goods, tailor-made large cartons, bulky constructive packaging (e.g. vehicle bumpers) or other loading aids – traverse racks for single or multiple location storage allow a lot of mobility for fast product turnover. You can find longitudinal beam rack systems in any sector: for example, in wholesale and spare parts trade, in electronics and mechanical engineering industries and in automotive engineering.

To make your warehouse processes even more efficient, you need rack systems that fit your products perfectly. We offer one of the most versatile pallet racking systems on the market and with them, we are able to fulfill your individual wishes. In addition to cantilever, pallet and pallet dynamic flow racks, our product offering also includes rack and storage platforms. Depending on your requirements, we can also build steel platforms as multi-story systems. You will find the right system at SSI SCHAEFER.

Additional accessories and a comprehensive range of complementary offers make it possible to create an uncomplicated shelving solution customized to fit your individual needs. Safety equipment protects both your employees in the warehouse and your rack systems. This includes crash and impact protection preventing damage by industrial trucks as well as push-through protectors and grid rear panels for racking systems that secure the loading units on the rack so they do not fall out. For compartment coverage, you can choose between numerous designs: chipboard, steel panels, support beams or mesh. For marking the warehouse and storage position, we offer labels, signs or floor markings.

Your Benefits:

  • Comprehensive product compatibility

  • In-house production – single-source solution

  • Highly flexible, superior quality and rugged

  • Special requirements relating to heavy weights are easily implemented

  • Many years of experience and comprehensive expertise

Pallet rack with cartons on euro pallets

Pallet racks

Mobile Racking ESX

Mobile pallet racking

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Longspan racking system

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Case Study DB Schenker

Seamless mobility on roadways requires a comprehensive and efficient supply of spare parts and consumables to the automotive industry. Schenker Schweiz AG operates a distribution center on behalf of a leading automotive manufacturer, which supplies its network of distributors throughout Switzerland.

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palett racking PR 600


A modular system with unlimited versatility.

Choose from our wide portfolio of longitudinal, narrow and wide aisle storage systems or systems for single or double-deep storage.

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