The two SSI LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Modules installed in the existing platform directly behind the incoming goods area provide space for up to 12,000 different items. As soon as the picker has matched the first order to the first bin by scanning the barcode, the SSI LOGIMAT® begins the retrieval process for the correct goods tray. If all bins are assigned an order, picking starts. To do so, the employee always operates the two lift modules alternately by confirming each retrieval operation on the Pick to Light module. The software from SSI SCHAEFER (connected to the ERP system via an interface) controls the sequence of the small parts to be picked in such a way that, as far as possible, the tray containing several items required for the current orders to be picked is always retrieved. For easier retrieval, the trays are angled using the LOGITILT function. The LOGIPOINTER function shows the operator the correct item compartment using a laser pointer, and this is also shown on the display.

The Put to Light indicator above the order bins shows the picker the bin in which the items removed from the SSI LOGIMAT® should be placed. For some items, labels must be added or additional packaging must be provided. If the light illuminates green, the last position of an order has been reached and the bin can then be pushed onto the conveying section and transported to the transfer location in the shipping area. If the bin still needs to go to other picking areas, the employee attaches an identification symbol to the bin for colleagues at the individual stations.