The Solution Components: Pallet Racking

Thanks to its modularity, the PR 600 rack system has proven to be the ideal solution for Schenker’s needs. Tires are stored on Euro pallets in a specifically designated tire area. For route optimization, a passage was also created for people and forklifts. Windshields and rear windows are safely and carefully stored using chipboard for longitudinal girders and vertical dividers.

At A Glance: Pallet Racking PR 600

  • Modular system with an extensive range of accessories

  • Solid and rugged design

  • Unique form provides stability

  • Simple set-up with very few components (plug-n-play system)

  • Load-bearing capacity of the frame of up to 30 t

  • Load-bearing capacity of the cross-members of up to 4.5 t