How to Go From Manual to Semi- or Fully Automated Cold Chain Distribution

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The need for cold chain storage is growing and while new greenfield builds are becoming commonplace, sometimes it may make more sense to go to semi-automated before a complete fully automated solution. However, if a fully automated solution is needed, SSI SCHAEFER is the leading provider when it comes to cold chain storage. SSI SCHAEFER has implemented some of the world's largest cold chain automation facilities for manufactures, grocers, and 3PLs. This step-by-step guide gives you the tools to evaluate each step throughout the decision-making process and an understanding of cold chain storage options and processes. Whatever solution you may need, you’ll be able to evaluate it from this all-encompassing cold storage guide.

Food, grocery, and even pharmaceutical application needs are demanding storage for quick and easy access to cold storage facilities. This shift in consumer need isn’t just a local one either—it’s becoming commonplace worldwide. Food security, product integrity, and removing food waste are factors that play a role in the new way food and beverage manufacturers, grocery, and cold chain operators must do business for profitability.

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