Micro Fulfillment, Nano Fulfillment and Urban Distribution Centers

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Planning on implementing an MFC, Nano, or UDC Fulfillment Solution for Ecommerce? Let SSI SCHAEFER ecommerce experts help guide you on best practices.

Micro fulfillment is an extremely hot topic for retailers. However, a one size fits all is not a solution for all retailers. Retailers have different store formats, customer base, real estate options, and most importantly various ecommerce order volume and SKU counts. Furthermore, retailers need to meet certain criteria when it comes to KPIs, return-on-investment, and implantation timelines.

This best practice guide will give you guidelines on how to start planning your project today, and how to think about the different the options available. This guide will also discuss various methodologies when thinking about the various fulfillment options and material flows.

Want more information on how to get started? Contact an SSI SCHAEFER expert today and schedule a call. Our expert engineers can help guide you through the complexities that come with micro fulfillment and urban distribution. SSI SCHAEFER fulfills some of the world’s largest retailers in the world, and we can help fulfill your ecommerce orders too.

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Deciding Between Micro Fulfillment or Urban Distribution for Your Operations

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