Efficient Omnichannel Management for Carhartt WIP

Carhartt WIP has received a powerful intralogistics solution from SSI SCHAEFER and can now optimally process all orders depending on the distribution channel.


Linking New and Existing Structures Intelligently

The Initial Situation

The “Carhartt WIP” premium streetwear brand is known for casual, timeless styles and durable quality. The company behind the label is Work in Progress Textilhandels GmbH, which manufactures and distributes Carhartt products outside the USA. Carhartt WIP supplies its own stores and outlets worldwide (B2B); at the same time, orders are also increasing from end customers (B2C) through its own online store and other digital platforms. As a result, Carhartt WIP experienced a shortage of warehouse capacity.

The Solution

Carhartt WIP needed a solution to minimize the rising complexity of omnichannel management. In addition, integrating the dynamically growing e-commerce part of the B2C segment into processes without fundamentally modifying tried-and-tested B2B business procedures was a major challenge. This challenge had to be met on the software side; however, from a technical point of view, it also meant seamlessly connecting the existing system to a new, expanded intralogistics system in such a way as to allow continued use of existing systems.

SSI SCHAEFER’s powerful intralogistics solution now seamlessly connects the existing system with the new one. It ensures process efficiency and optimizes order processing in the respective distribution channels – wholesale, e-commerce and retail. In view of the expected growth figures of Carhartt WIP, SSI SCHAEFER has also provided optional expansion scenarios that can be implemented smoothly in the future during ongoing operations.

Case Study Video at Carhartt WIP

SSI SCHAEFER’s powerful intralogistics solution seamlessly connects the existing system with the new one.

"The SSI Cuby shuttle system is very powerful - what we get in terms of performance with 22 shuttles per aisle is remarkable and has led to a reduction in order lead times."

Wolfgang Heldt
Head of Logistics, Carhartt WIP
Wolfgang Heldt
Head of Logistics, Carhartt WIP

Maximum Throughput for Constant Availability of Goods

Thanks to the WAMAS® logistics software, the dynamic, fully scalable warehouse logistics solution from SSI SCHAEFER provides the perfect interplay among the new and existing storage systems, the sequence towers, and the new and existing picking workstations. This ensures that Carhartt WIP can process a wide variety of order scenarios in the best way possible.

Highlights of the Solution

Shuttle System Cuby with up to 36 storage levels

SSI Cuby


WAMAS® Software Solutions

Container and Carton Conveyor System

Conveying & Transport

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