Dipl.-Ing. Fust AG, Switzerland

SSI SCHAEFER implemented a multi-channel solution for Fust, a Swiss supplier of household electrical appliances, consumer electronics and computers.

From Retail Logistics to High-Performance Multi-Channel Logistics

The Challenge

Since 1966, when Dipl.-Ing. Fust AG was founded, it has established itself as the largest supplier of household appliances, consumer electronics and computers on the Swiss market. Because of the continued growth of e-commerce, this subsidiary of Coop has invested in the modernization and expansion of its logistics site in Oberbüren. The goal was to centralize and double warehouse capacity in order to eliminate the need for external warehouses.

The Solution

SSI SCHAEFER'S integrated logistics solution gives the company the ideal equipment to expand its product range, increase storage capacity, improve product availability and adapt flexibly to new performance requirements. The construction took only two years; the logistics center, which had initially focused on supplying stores, was then transformed into a highly efficient multi-channel solution facility. In the wake of the pandemic, the system proved to be an extremely flexible logistics solution, to meet the rapidly changing requirements on order structures (B2B vs. B2C), despite its high degree of automation. With the Fust project, SSI SCHAEFER has been able to successfully continue its long-standing cooperation with the Coop group

“We benefit from optimized small-parts picking processes – one of the key advantages of the implemented solution. The SSI Cuby makes an important contribution: efficient, precisely fitting staging of picking bins. This allowed us to increase productivity by an incredible 40 percent.”

Daniel Marbach
Logistics Manager, Fust AG
Daniel Marbach
Logistics Manager, Fust AG

A Scalable Mix of Solutions from a Single Source

The warehouse has been in operation since 2003. To modernize the warehouse, as well as turning it into a highly efficient multi-channel logistics center, another objective of was to simplify the complex process of managing the various suppliers, which required significant time and effort for coordination. Thanks to SSI SCHAEFER'S broad product portfolio, all these needs could be met with solutions from a single source: bin storage with the SSI Cuby one-level shuttle system, high-bay warehouses, solutions for manual areas and its high-performance WAMAS® software. The fact to get everything from a single source engendered confidence and trust, allowing to maintain a collaborative partnership right from the start.

Highlights of the Solution

Shuttle System Cuby with up to 36 storage levels

SSI Cuby

Get and Pick

Advanced Pick Stations

Depalletizing Robot at Schaeffler

Depalletizing and Palletizing


WAMAS® Software Solutions

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