More efficient use of space

SSI SCHAEFER’s shelving solutions provided Toolstation with more storage capacity and less maintenance requirements.

Toolstation’s store concept has worked so well it has remained virtually unchanged since 2002. The general scope for each project is R 3000 shelving for storing small and medium items and pallet racks. R 3000 shelving works so well for Toolstation as it comes with a wide variety of accessories, which allow for a huge variety of products to be stored easily, it is adaptable and can be amended very easily - even by non-tradespeople.

SSI SCHAEFER supplies R 3000 in a wide range of depths and heights – which has given the customer scope to fit their store concept into a wide range of property – warehouses, retail park outlets, empty offices, high street stores. Where space has been very tight on multiple sites, SSI SCHAEFER has supplied Toolstation with Mobile Shelving Systems. This solution allows for more efficient use of space compared to standard static shelving. The majority of aisles are eliminated and become space for extra storage. This solution has been incredibly successful in this type of retail environment as it allows the customer to store more, it is simple and easy to use and install and requires minimal maintenance. This system enables the customer to have a wider choice of property to chose from when acquiring new sites.