Motus Truck & Van


Perfect Space Optimisation from SSI Schaefer and Linco Automotive

About Motus Truck and Van

Motus Truck and Van is part of Motus UK, the UK’s largest independent commercial vehicle dealer group and, with its passenger vehicle interests ranked within the Top 15 of all UK automotive dealer groups. The company collects annual revenues of over £1 billion and employs almost 3,000 people across its operations. Motus Truck and Van is part of the Motus UK group of businesses including Motus Commercials and Pentagon.

From the initial quote to install, the whole process was seamless

“As with all builds, from the concept stage to the final install, changes happened regularly, and this was certainly the case with Motus Truck and Van. The teams at

Linco Automotive and SSI SCHAEFER played their part perfectly without an issue. We made some fundamental changes quite close to the install date, all was taken on board without hesitation and amended plans were with us the following day. At time of install, everything was carried out perfectly with the execution of install fulfilled as per the plans.”

Gordon Down, General Manager at Motus Truck & Van

The partnership between Linco Automotive and SSI Schaefer

Both Paul Booth and Lee Satloka previously worked for SSI SCHAEFER UK as specialists in consultancy and design of storage solutions in the Automotive Dealership Sector.

After many successes with SSI SCHAEFER UK, Paul and Lee went on to start Linco Automotive, supplying turnkey fit out solutions for Automotive Dealership Groups utilising SSI SCHAEFER’s shelving solutions and components. Linco Automotive, is built on over 50-years’ combined experience of supplying parts storage solutions including consultancy, design, and installation services.

Today, the long-term partnership between Linco Automotive and SSI SCHAEFER UK offers high quality service and market leading parts storage solutions to the Automotive Dealership and Commercial Vehicles Sector.

In January 2021, Motus Group Truck and Van began construction on a bespoke new build in Witham, Essex which was completed December 2021. Linco Automotive and SSI SCHAEFER UK supported Motus Truck and Van with building a back counter parts operation along with a trade distribution warehouse.

The collaboration of SSI Schaefer and Linco Automotive

R 3000 shelving and accessories from SSI SCHAEFER, combined with the efficient design by Linco Automotive, enabled MOTUS to achieve the storage capacity they required

  • Over 1,632 LM of shelving for small, medium, and large parts;

  • Including 24 bays fitted with RK containers: 2 levels of RK 500 N and 2 Levels of RK 521’s, each with 4 dividers per tray creating an additional 2,880 locations in total for small parts;

  • 6,000 lines with two locations for each SKU, making a total of 12,000 locations, which require storing in an area less than 800m2

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