Over 15 years of partnership

Toolstation has grown exponentially since it opened in 2003, demonstrated in its extensive store network now reaching over 500 branches.

In 2005 Toolstation hired SSI SCHAEFER for their first project together – supply for their distribution centre within their head office in Bridgwater. This saw the use of Pallet Racking, R 3000 and a mezzanine structure.

In 2007 SSI SCHAEFER for the first time supplied its R 3000 shelving directly to the Toolstation store located in Leeds. The project realisation went very smooth, and it helped to establish SSI SCHAEFER as a trusted supplier with prompt reaction time, a high degree of flexibility and willingness to tailor the solutions to the client’s individual business needs. Since 2007 every new Toolstation store has utilised storage solutions from SSI SCHAEFER.

In 2008, Toolstation was opening around 20 new stores per year. In recent years, the number of new stores has increased to 60-70 per year to reach a total of 500 across the UK in July 2021. As Toolstation’s demand has grown substantially over the years, SSI SCHAEFER in the UK has implemented procedures to cater for this and ensure our customer’s growth continues.