Tax Strategy

1. Introduction

The SSI SCHAEFER group of companies is a world-wide leading provider of products and systems in the fields of intralogistics and waste management. The headquarters of the group are located in Neunkirchen, Germany.  As of 2016, the group consisted of about 70 operative companies and employed about 9,500 full-time employees world-wide.  

The truly global nature of the business implies that it is required to pay a variety of taxes in each jurisdiction in which it operates. Compliance with local tax legislation is of utmost importance to the group. All SSI SCHAEFER employees are required by its Code of Conduct to comply with relevant laws and regulations.

2. Governance

The overall tax strategy is set forth by the group’s Management committee. The group also employs legal and tax specialists within its finance departments who, in cooperation with the group’s CFO, help define its tax strategy.

Within the SSI SCHAEFER organization, tax strategy is relevant to all finance, legal and operational personnel. In view of the globally changing tax environment, tax strategy has to be discussed and reviewed regularly.

In accordance with the UK tax strategy publication set out in Part 2, Schedule 19 of the Finance Act 2016, this strategy is made public on the UK company’s website.

3. Statement of tax strategy

SSI SCHAEFER strives to be a responsible taxpayer. It is important that the group pays correct amounts of tax in a timely manner and according to the laws of local jurisdictions. In order to achieve this, the group has established a tax control framework that identifies and manages key tax risks.

While different tax outcomes are considered when planning business transactions, the group does not pursue aggressive tax planning in order to take advantage of tax havens and tax avoidance schemes as such behavior would be contrary to the SSI SCHAEFER values described in the Code of Conduct.

4. SSI SCHAEFER’s approach to tax risk

Tax risk arises from uncertain and changing legal environments, as well as from differences in interpretation. SSI SCHAEFER subjects all tax returns and other submissions to tax authorities to thorough review. Qualified external tax experts may be consulted in cases of uncertainty. SSI SCHAEFER employees in relevant departments are required to receive additional training in order to fully understand tax aspects of commercial transactions and stay informed of any changes in legislation.   

5. SSI SCHAEFER’s approach to dealing with HMRC

The group aims for transparency in its dealings with all tax authorities. SSI SCHAEFER strives to establish collaborative working relationships and open communication channels with tax officials, so that any potential issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently.  In case of any information requests, SSI SCHAEFER always provides prompt and complete responses to enquiries in order to aid the speedy resolution of any matters under review.