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Vi lyssnar på våra kunder och är alltid nyfikna. Därför utvecklar och erbjuder vi lösningar utöver det självklara för att stödja våra kunders framgång

SSI SCHÄFER - Företagets värderingar

Företagets värderingar

Allt började med en låda

När Fritz Schäfer grundade ett tillverkningsföretag för plåtprodukter 1937 anade ingen någonsin att företaget en dag skulle bli världens ledande leverantör av lösningar för logistiksystem och produkter.

Fritz Schäfer hade en mycket speciell talang som fortsätter att forma vårt företag idag: förmågan att tänka utanför ramarna. Detta har gett upphov till internationell expansion och nya affärsområden. Vi har förmågan att identifiera våra kunders problem och behov. Istället för att bara erbjuda den mest självklara lösningen skapar vi lösningen som verkligen löser kundens problem.

I processen har vi blivit en "one-stop shop" och tillhandahåller kompletta system. Dessa lösningar är pragmatiska, effektiva och framåtblickande. Vi lyssnar på våra kunder och har behållit vår nyfikenhet. Det är därför vi söker efter lösningar utöver det uppenbara.

Vi lyssnar på våra kunder och har behållit vår nyfikenhet. Det är därför vi söker efter lösningar utöver det självklara.

Our values

True to the motto of our founder, Fritz Schäfer, we “never leave the customer standing out in the rain.” Both then and now, we are absolutely dedicated to our customers. For SSI SCHAEFER, this means that we work with the greatest commitment and unshakable dedication to developing precisely tailored solutions for our customers.  With custom solutions we strive to optimally fulfill customer needs, simplify their work and significantly enhance the efficiency of their processes. Our customers’ satisfaction is expressed in a lasting, sustainable cooperation characterized by mutual trust.

SSI SCHAEFER is one of the largest full-range suppliers and component manufacturers for intralogistics in the world. We offer complete solutions from a single source, which defines a major factor of our success. All SSI SCHAEFER components are optimally compatible thanks to the modular and integrated design. This enables us to provide customers with specifically designed solutions that are flexible and adapt to customer needs and market requirements while enabling future growth.

As an international general contractor, SSI SCHAEFER implements complete logistics systems, ranging from comprehensive system planning and consulting, IPMA-certified project management, turnkey systems and tailored service and maintenance agreements. The in-house construction department assists with preliminary planning and site selection for projects in order to implement success from the ground up.

The Lager-Fix-Kasten was a revolutionary development during its time. When the product was launched in 1953, SSI SCHAEFER proved its ability to create solution-oriented innovations. Since then, SSI SCHAEFER has launched numerous inventive and even award-winning products and solutions.  When developing new or enhancing existing technologies, the benefit for customers is always of the utmost importance. At SSI SCHAEFER, we strive to offer customers solutions that let them overcome the challenges of their business while providing a competitive advantage.

Located in over 70 locations, which include 7 production facilities and 4 specialized competence centers, over 10,500 employees prove every day that SSI SCHAEFER is one of the most effective companies in the world. Our extensive solution portfolio, industry knowledge, technical expertise, innovative strength and global presence enable us to carry out both individual small solutions along with large custom projects with complex requirements on time and within budget. During the process, SSI SCHAEFER makes an essential contribution to our customers’ success. To gain both the loyalty and satisfaction of our customers, the SSI SCHAEFER team works a bit harder every day.

SSI SCHAEFER is a family-run company with a history that spans more than 80 years. With a strategy that includes a long-term vision, our actions are always well intentioned with a view toward stability and continuous sustainable growth. It’s a family tradition, which benefits customers, partners, and employees alike.

With SSI SCHAEFER, we focus on a long-term commitment to our customers. This does not end once a solution has been installed. We provide lasting support and assistance to customers through preventive system maintenance, along with the ability to expand and modify facilities in response to changing requirements. During this process, SSI SCHAEFER assumes responsibility and lays the foundation for a long-term and sustainable working relationship with customers.

SSI SCHAEFER is renowned for its rapid, flexible and solution-oriented response to customer inquiries. We quickly take care of each individual request while always considering long-term effects. In everything we do the customer is our top priority.

At SSI SCHAEFER, we manufacture all products, systems, and complete solutions for our customers. This keeps us independent of suppliers and enables us to ensure that all of the components fulfill our demanding quality standards. At the same time, we are also capable of developing and implementing highly custom and customer-specific solutions. This is how we manufacture durable products, develop excellent solutions, and deliver exceptional results for our customers. In other words, this is how we fulfill the standard of excellence that our customers and employees have come to expect.

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