Automating Pallet Racks at a Later Point – SSI Exyz C Makes it Possible

A new compact “C” assembly group is now available, completing the range of proven SSI Exyz storage-retrieval machines from SSI SCHAEFER. SSI Exyz C automates the pallet rack processes in existing buildings in heights of up to 13.5 m. Without any need to upgrade floor slabs or perform extensive modifications - implementation during ongoing operation is also possible.

Easy automation of pallet storage in existing buildings

With the new standard “C” module in the Exyz product family, SSI SCHAEFER now offers the ability to fully automate pallet storage despite lower rack heights in existing buildings of up to 13.5 m in height. “In quite a few meetings with customers, we have been told that there is a need for a solution of this kind. This information was significant, and the requirements were immediately integrated into the new development of the Exyz C,” explains Markus Sellen, product manager at SSI SCHAEFER. “The Exyz C offers the same product and service features that we have become accustomed to in the Exyz family of products. The most important difference is seen in the product’s compact design and ease of use.”

SSI Exyz: Proven energy and cost efficiency in high-bay warehouse

SSI SCHAEFER introduced the Exyz storage-retrieval machines (SRM) to the market around ten years ago. Since then, the applications have been tried and tested around the world, making quite an impression in terms of their energy and performance efficiency as well as their cost effectiveness. The design of the standard assembly groups offered in the Exyz SRM is based on a common device platform. This design principle allows the customer a maximum level of flexibility and the shortest possible commissioning times. The Exyz series components can be designed based on a modular principle in accordance with customer-specific requirements and can be configured, pre-assembled and utilized short-term.

Up until now, 11 Exyz sizes and variants have been available, which could be equipped either as single- or double-mast machines with various load handling devices (LHD). While telescopic forks are used for single- or double-deep storage of large load carriers, beverage pallets, for example, can also be stored multiple-deep in the storage channel using the SSI Orbiter LHD. Therefore, the Exyz SRMs form the basis for intelligent automation solutions both in standard and channel racking systems as well as in picking or freezer storage systems up to a height of 45 meters.

The perfect way to automate existing plants

As a compact class within the Exyz family of products, the SSI Exyz C can now also be implemented in existing buildings of lower height, even later. “With its compact, light-weight construction, the Exyz C makes efficient automation solutions possible for racking systems, even in buildings that in the past had been used as block storage areas,” explains Mr. Sellen. “The solutions can be implemented without any new floor slabs or other complicated remodeling measures.” Nonetheless pallet movements with up to 1,000 kg are possible for double-deep storage or up to 1,250 kg for single-deep storage. “The Exyz C is by no means inferior to any other SRM in the Exyz family of products,” the product manager explains. “So, the Exyz C is definitely a suitable introduction into the process automation and digitalization of an existing system.” Moreover, this compact series can be utilized in the realization of new multiple-story plants.

Fully automated pallet storage even at lower rack heights up to 13.5 m

Especially with the low top and bottom approach dimensions, the SSI Exyz C is a convincing alternative and, therefore, provides another solution variant to the Exyz family of products, making overall concepts with a high-volume utilization rate possible. To realize the lower bottom approach dimension, the intralogistics specialist relies on an especially compact construction of the travel unit. The good top approach dimensions are achieved by making beneficial use of toothed belts as an ideal load bearing medium. Consequently, the lifting processes are not performed using ropes on the compact devices, but instead with an easy deflection with only one guide pulley each on both the top and bottom ends of the mast with a circulating toothed belt. “Toothed belts combined with a direct drive have proven to be the ideal load bearing medium for the compact size. They allow a service-friendly design and offer a solid, rugged and long-lasting solution,” says product manager Sellen, summarizing the benefits. These technologies provide for additional storage capacities in lower high-bay warehouses, irrespective of whether in new construction or in converted older buildings.

“In addition to the extremely good top and bottom approach dimensions, all maintenance components and the most important wear and repair units are also accessible close to ground level,” emphasizes Michael Scheiner from the corporate Customer Service & Support (CSS) division of SSI SCHAEFER. “From 5 m up to 45 m, we can now cover all requirement options of the SRM market with the Exyz family of products using a standard, innovative concept for maximum flexibility and performance-based customization. In so doing, SSI Exyz C taps into new, especially low application areas: for example, as a solution for developing basement levels or in retrofit projects as a gateway for automating existing racking systems. As such, the compact Exyz C is a useful addition to our family of storage and retrieval machines,” concludes Markus Sellen.

SSI Exyz: Energy-efficient solution when automating existing warehouses

As useful addition to the storage-retrieval machine family, the SSI Exyz C is the ideal solution for developing basement levels or in retrofit projects as a gateway for automating existing racking systems. From 5 m up to 45 m, SSI SCHAEFER covers all requirement options of the SRM market and ensures maximum flexibility and performance-based customization.

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