Control of Palletizing Robots

Robot Material Flow Controller & industrial image processing

Every robot is only as good as the software it is controlled by. With its comprehensive software systems expertise, SSI SCHAEFER already has all the necessary knowledge in-house. This way users receive the optimum combination of software, intralogistics hardware and industrial image processing from a single source. The modules of the WAMAS® logistics software make robots more “intelligent” and fit for holistic logistics applications.

The central component of the palletizing robot control system is what’s called the Robot Material Flow Controller (RMC). It processes the 3D vision data, which it then uses to set the movements of the robots. Thanks to the modular structure of the WAMAS® software suite, specifically adapted solutions can be implemented.

Industrial image processing with state-of-the-art sensors is one of the key technologies of automation. It can be used to control machines intelligently, automate processes, and verify and check items.

Furthermore, corresponding systems check quality criteria and provide valuable data for process optimization. All parameters relevant for optimum product handling are saved in the system. Possible changes are recognized by the WAMAS® Vision module and will be taken into account in the future in a "self-learning" manner for this item.