Stand-Alone Controller for the SSI LOGIMAT®

Simple operation and control of the vertical lift module without software connection. The integrated standard controller (PLC) ensures maximum safety, organization, and control of your SSI LOGIMAT. Basic functions will support the digital transformation of your warehouse.

Picture of the LOGIMAT touch panel

First Steps to a Digital Warehouse: Small parts storage as stand-alone solution

No special software or higher-level ERP system is required to operate the SSI LOGIMAT Vertical Lift Module. It comes equipped with a programmable logic controller (PLC) as standard, representing the first step towards a digital warehouse. This means that only simple user training is required. The standard controller supports the following elements and functions as standard:

  • Tray request and delivery

  • On-screen keyboard

  • Intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)

  • Updates

The first step of digital transformation of warehouses

The standard PLC frequency-controls all drives, prevents overloading, monitors the stored goods and ensures safe operation with up to four operating openings of the SSI LOGIMAT. A screen displays the device status. Intuitive symbols enable simple user operation. The software also offers the following functions:

  • Optimized storage and picking processes

  • Simple integration into existing processes

  • Several warehouse lifts can be operated in combination

  • No additional hardware required

  • Minimization of errors in storage and picking

  • Intuitive user interface via touchscreen

  • User management incl. access protection

  • Various modes available for tray control

  • Automatic compaction function

  • Logging function

Of course, you can also control our vertical lift module with your own warehouse management software. The optional LOGIDRIVER interface enables the trays to be controlled using the customer's own software. For further information, please contact your local SSI SCHAEFER specialists.


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Vertical Lift Module LOGIMAT (Type SLL)

Direct Control of SSI LOGIMAT® with SAP


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