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SSI SCHAEFER creates order in your warehouse! From sturdy stackable boxes to container concepts and miniload systems to complex storage machines and shuttle systems for containers, cartons and trays: SSI SCHAEFER provides you with tailored storage solutions using Euro containers (KLT). As a financially independent, family-owned company, SSI SCHAEFER stands for the highest project reliability and is the single source for all of your components.

Our in-house production competence makes is independent of the common market solutions. SSI SCHAEFER develops innovative products and customized solutions that enable you to efficiently organize your goods for storage and transport:

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Small Parts Storage


Customized Packaging

SSI Flexi Shuttle

Automated Storage Systems for Small Load Carriers

Euro containers (storage)

We are happy to advise you and assist with finding the best solutions for your logistics requirements. Regardless of which solution you ultimately choose, you can always rely on SSI SCHAEFER’s extensive expertise.

The comprehensive range of boxes and containers for storage, picking and transport from SSI SCHAEFER spans more than 2,000 different types, designs and sizes.

Regardless of whether you want to store documents, clothing, small parts, tires, or bulky goods. SSI SCHAEFER has developed flexible and high-quality containers for your products and needs. The load carriers integrate perfectly into all SSI SCHAEFER miniload systems.

And with SSI SCHAEFER racking and storage platforms you can make multiple uses of the available space. Moreover, the design options of
SSI SCHAEFER’s platform systems are almost unlimited.

SSI SCHAEFER offers you engineered solutions. This packaging optimally protects your products during transport and storage. These customized solutions are designed specifically for your products.

SSI SCHAEFER’s storage-retrieval machines (SRM) and shuttle systems are the solution for fully-automated loading and unloading of rack systems. They guarantee rapid and flexible material transport together with short access times. SSI SCHAEFER storage machines can handle and move all common load carriers. Profit from optimum turnover performance and vastly increased efficiency.

  • Product compatibility

  • In-house production and one-stop shopping

  • High flexibility, quality, and durability

  • Good value for money

  • Large product portfolio ranging from manual to automated and customized solutions with a high degree of standardization

  • Extensive experience and comprehensive expertise