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Container systems

Storage boxes and containers for stacking, storage, picking, and transport

Specialists for plastic containers, providing variety without limitations

The extensive range of SSI SCHAEFER storage, order picking and transport containers started with the invention of the revolutionary open front container in 1953 and now includes more than 2,000 different types, models and sizes. All our developments draw on over 60 years of knowledge alongside practical experiences and usage in genuine operational conditions. 

The container and storage boxes from SSI SCHAEFER are designed in such a way that they can easily be integrated into any existing operation, whether that be a storage or transport application. Our containers and boxes can be implemented within existing shelving units and can be integrated into all SSI SCHAEFER shelving systems without any problems. The various types can be freely combined thanks to their precisely matching dimensions.

Application and usage

From sturdy stackable boxes to container concepts for use within static storage, mini-load and shuttle systems, we can provide you with a tailored solution for your own application or use.

Customised logistics solutions - the optimum combination of storage boxes and shelving systems

SSI SCHAEFER also develops customer-specific container designs in addition to these standard products. We have outstanding expertise in customized packaging and  special designs . All of the developments draw on experience gained from innumerable practical applications. Usage under real conditions is better than any simulated tests. Because SSI SCHAEFER stands for exceptional quality products.  


SSI SCHAEFER offers you practical solutions for every storage and operating facility including internal and expert internal transport and shipping. The storage containers and boxes from SSI SCHAEFER bring order to your warehouse and optimize the semi-automatic or fully automatic storage management while also protecting the goods themselves.

We work in partnership with you to match the perfect product to your particular need. We offer:

  • Large product range (2,000 different types, designs and sizes) with an extensive range of accessories

  • Practical solutions for every storage and operating facility as well as internal and external transport and shipping

  • Products produced in-house, ensuring exceptional technical expertise and quality consistency

  • Development of customer-specific container concepts

  • Consistent availability and short delivery times

  • Expert advice and consultancy from conception to delivery and beyond

  • High capacity manufacturing capabilities to minimise lead-times

SSI SCHAEFER manufactures all of the products in-house. They are made of high-quality plastic, steel protected against corrosion, stainless steel, aluminium or special materials. Furthermore, you can also enhance these products with a broad range of accessories. 

Choose from these storage, picking and transport containers: 

With over 2,000 models, sizes and types of containers within the range, where do you start to choose what container is the correct one for your application? If you cannot see on the website which container will suit your particular need then our free consultation service provides you with peace of mind that the chosen container is the correct container.

Our expert consultants will talk through the required needs of your business and application and match one of our containers to that need. Give us a call on 01264 386600 or contact us at and we'll be in touch.

We don't just manufacturer the containers! 

At SSI SCHAEFER we're all about the offering the whole package and in some cases choosing the correct container is just the start of the solution. So, if you're after additional services we can help you out. From providing simple labels to using our 3D modelling capabilities for insert design, we can offer a full package solution.

We offer:

  • Cut & weld containers

  • Injection moulded insert carriers

  • Vacuum-formed inserts

  • Injection moulded inserts

  • Foam inserts

  • Polycarbonate dividers

  • RF Labelling

  • EPP foam inserts

  • Logo printing

  • Moulded logo

  • ESD options

  • Labelling services

Call us on 01264 386600 or contact us at and we'll be in touch.

The Hema branches are mainly supplied with environmentally friendly returnable

Case Study Hema

No elements available.

The Hema branches are mainly supplied with environmentally friendly returnable

Case Study Hema

No elements available.

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Small Load Carriers

Reusable Packaging

LTB container- storage and transport container


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Storage & Shuttle Systems

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