Open front containers

Made of plastic or steel for stacking, storing, and transporting

SSI SCHAEFER’s open front containers are the solution for storing and staging small parts. An angled front opening enables easy and rapid access to the materials. Available in a variety of different versions, these containers can be integrated into all SSI SCHAEFER shelving systems without any problems. The diverse sizes are designed to match each other, ensuring a vast range of combination options within individual shelving or racking bays. As such, the containers can be combined to match your requirements. The interlock feature on the underside enables the containers to be stacked safely.

Diverse designs for various requirements

SSI SCHAEFER offers you a broad range of container accessories suitable for our range of semi-opened front containers such a labels, insert boxes, dust lids, dividers, carrying handles and front flap panels. Naturally, the sturdy and durable containers can also be combined with a variety of other products series. The open front containers from SSI SCHAEFER are also available in conductive versions.


Easy access to small parts and more overview

The speciality of this box is the angled open front. This product feature guarantees a direct view of stored goods – even if the bins are stacked. For container labeling you can put labels or barcodes on the appropriate fields on the front side.


Our range of semi-open fronted containers allows the user clear open hand access to pick or replenish parts without the need to remove the container from the storage location. With dust covers and front flaps available the goods contained within the containers can be protected from dust and dirt without compromising the accessibility.

In addition to this, our range of semi-open fronted containers are fitted with a carrying recess on the front and rear to allow for easy handling and stacking. With our steel semi-open front containers, extremely high stack loads can be achieved without the need to store the containers on shelving.

With nearly 150 variants of semi-open containers spread over 25 different sizes we have the size to suit your particular application.

Our sizes start with the LF110 range at 102mm x 92mm x 51mm which is beautifully designed for small parts and we end with the LF743 at 720mm x 470mm x 300mm designed for larger parts storage which can be stacked for easier access and handling.

Our semi-open fronted containers come in a range of colours. Our standard colours in polypropylene are:

  • Red

  • Green

  • Yellow

  • Blue

Our standard colours in steel are:

  • Painted Blue-Grey

  • Galvanised

In addition to these standard colours, upon request we can mould and paint our semi-open fronted containers in a range of colours dependant upon your requirements. Please contact us on or 01264 386600 for more details.

Our fantastic range of semi-open fronted containers are complimented by a wide range of accessories and value-added services.

Accessories include:

  • Dust lids

  • Dividers

  • Slide-in front panels

  • Labels

  • Insert boxes for greater parts segregation

  • Lifting bars for heavy container contents

Value added services include:

  • Moulded-in logo

  • Hot die stamping logos or lettering

  • Conductive material

  • Barcodes

  • Semi-permanent labels

  • Foam or vacuum formed trays

Please contact us on or 01264 386600 for more details.