What other container services do you offer?

We don't just manufacturer the containers! 

At SSI SCHAEFER we're all about the offering the whole package and in some cases choosing the correct container is just the start of the solution. So, if you're after additional services we can help you out. From providing simple labels to using our 3D modelling capabilities for insert design, we can offer a full package solution.

We offer:

  • Cut & weld containers

  • Injection moulded insert carriers

  • Vacuum-formed inserts

  • Injection moulded inserts

  • Foam inserts

  • Polycarbonate dividers

  • RF Labelling

  • EPP foam inserts

  • Logo printing

  • Moulded logo

  • ESD options

  • Labelling services

Call us on 01264 386600 or contact us at info.uk@ssi-schaefer.com and we'll be in touch.