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How AGVs help optimize storage processes in static racks and pallet live storage

Companies increasingly face challenges such as shortage of skilled workforce and rising cost pressure. This is where the combined solution of pallet racks and automated guided vehicles comes in: It is efficient, reliable and comes at a competitive price. The AGVs can be easily connected to both static rack systems for pallets and pallet live storage. The SSI SCHAEFER pallet storage is based on a comprehensive modular system, complemented by versatile accessories. Thus, the rack systems can be combined individually. The combination of pallet rack and AGV can be integrated into any warehouse management system (WMS) or is also available as a stand-alone solution. The storage solution can be gradually expanded or adapted to new circumstances at any time. As a result, the AGVs together with the pallet rack ensure a constant flow of materials and thus guarantee process reliability.

The solution

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Your challenges

How you can identify your potentials for improvement and solve the challenges in pallet handling

  • Shortage of skilled workforce: Lack of qualified staff to work the shifts

  • Damage during storage: Manual storage may cause damage to stored goods and racks

  • Expensive shift operation: 2- to 3-shift operation generates considerably increased personnel costs

  • Competitiveness at risk: Cost pressure due to manual storage processes with increasing payroll costs

  • Time constraints: Increasing the number of shifts often not possible due to lack of staff

  • No continuous flow of goods: Material buffering causes unproductive processes and takes up storage space

OPTION 1: Pallet racks & AGV

How to automate a static pallet rack PR 600

The versatile PR 600 pallet rack from SSI SCHAEFER helps you to increase the transparency of your storage processes. Thanks to the modular system and the extensive range of accessories, pallet racks can be put together individually and easily. The rack system for large load carriers in combination with automated guided vehicles (AGVs) ensures reliable, continuous and automated storage processes. Depending on the storage and retrieval height required in the rack, the automated guided vehicles AMADEUS (up to max. 2.8 m) and ARNY (up to max. 10 m) are used in the warehouse.

Your benefits:

✓ Simple and uncomplicated configuration
✓ Modular system for tailor-made rack solution
✓ Maximum safety thanks to stable construction of racks and AGVs

OPTION 2: Pallet live storage & AGVs

Automated pallet storage based on the FIFO principle

Pallet storage according to the FIFO method (First In, First Out) is useful for goods with a best before date or if you need to monitor batches or product lines. When applying the FIFO principle, the first pallets placed into storage are also the first ones to be removed. The so-called pallet live storage works with gravity alone, no electricity is needed. Interfaces to AGVs are integrated in the pallet live storage from SSI SCHAEFER right from the start. For this reason, a connection to AGVs is possible at any point. Depending on the storage and retrieval height required in the rack, the automated guided vehicles AMADEUS (up to max. 2.8 m) and ARNY (up to max. 10 m) complement the storage solution. The automated pallet live storage can be used flexibly, e.g. in goods-in, shipping, production and in the fully automated warehouse.

Your benefits:

✓ Space savings of up to 60% compared to traditional pallet racks
✓ Higher productivity thanks to separation of supply and picking

Benefits of the combined solution of pallet racks and AGVs

  • Expandability: The solution grows with your requirements

  • Process security: Constant material flow independent of staff shortages and less material damage

  • Simple planning and implementation: Quick start with versatile logistics automation

  • High efficiency: Payback period of less than 18 months possible

  • Reliable 24/7 operation: No interruptions (e.g. breaks, shift changes, illness)

  • Efficient and transparent material flow: Your system sets the pace for reliable transports

At a glance – an intelligent combination

A combination of pallet racks and suitable automated guided vehicles (AGVs) using a warehouse management system (WMS) for quick and easy integration.

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