Existing plant: Modernization of existing systems, processes and material flows

The expansion of the existing logistics system is the follow-up project to an automation solution that SSI SCHAEFER implemented for the VVA back in 2006.

At that time, the following solutions were built in Gütersloh:
-    a 4-aisle automated small parts warehouse (ASPW) with 24,000 container storage locations
-    a static rack system with 14,000 storage locations
-    24 SSI Carousel systems with around 26,000 container storage locations for highly dynamic individual parts picking

"The tailor-made high-performance system with its ergonomic goods-to-person picking stations has proven its worth over the course of 14 years and has evolved with the challenges and our business. However, due to the business development in recent years, we needed to expand the picking section for B- and C-items in particular. Based on our longstanding partnership, SSI SCHAEFER was able to implement an optimized, future-proof, and energy-efficient solution to improve space efficiency, capacity, and performance”, explains Harald Horstmann.