Consistent goods availability enables companies to supply their customers rapidly and reliably.



Consistent goods availability enables companies to supply their customers rapidly and reliably. In the age of online commerce, this plays a key role. Suitable intralogistics specifically tailored to the needs of the industry and the customers guarantees the necessary goods availability. At the same time, companies can also defend and strengthen their position in the fiercely competitive e-commerce market.

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In a digitalized world, in which consumers are literally only a mouse click away from the products they desire, the permanent, reliable and flexible availability of goods or services is becoming an increasingly important competitive factor for companies. In a fiercely competitive market, this plays a critical role in the company’s success. Because in times of goods and services available online and around the clock, customers can conveniently purchase their desired articles wherever they are available, generally without having to accept any waiting times.

In both B2C and B2B business, customers are used to receiving the products they have ordered rapidly and reliably while simultaneously being able to monitor the status of their orders in real time. These expectations have a major effect on both storage and supply chains.

For intralogistics, these developments mean that goods flows are increasingly accompanied by data flows. This data guarantees the necessary transparency of the delivery chains. As such, it requires the same consistent availability as the goods themselves. This is essential for providing customers with a real-time overview of the provider’s stocks and enables them to view the status of their orders at any time. Information technology is becoming a vitally important strategic factor given these increasingly complex procedures in intralogistics. Innumerable processes need to be transparently displayed and visualized in manual, semi-automated and fully automated warehouses.

The food trade, in particular online food retail (e-groceries), involves highly specific and exceptionally demanding requirements for intralogistics systems. The product range is often extensive and constantly expanding. The customer structure is diverse and ranges from international corporations to kiosks. Generally, the goods are highly perishable and fragile. As such, the expiry dates and batch numbers need to be tracked and the products themselves handled extremely gently. The business involves numerous small orders with short lead times and delivery windows. Furthermore, there are seasonal and even weekly peaks in demand. In order to overcome these challenges and guarantee the availability of their goods, customers need a high-performance, individually tailored and also scalable intralogistics system.

Modern intralogistics solutions form the perfect foundation for permanent and reliable goods availability. However, intralogistics systems also need to be adapted to their specific industry and customers. This demands in-depth knowledge of the industry along with extensive expertise. There is no such thing as a universal concept given that the requirements of the various customers and industries vary greatly. Our experts at SSI SCHAEFER are thoroughly familiar with these requirements. They are capable of finding the perfect solution for you and your company. As a system provider, we are not restricted to isolated technologies but rather consider the entire system. Our extensive portfolio, which integrates state-of-the-art technologies such as robotics, big data analyses and augmented reality, is almost unique. Thanks to our in-house manufacturing, we can adapt all of the system components from the rack to the extensive automation and IT-supported control to our customers’ individual needs.

The market warehouse storage management system, WAMAS®, developed in-house by SSI SCHAEFER, links all of the intralogistics components to form an intelligent system that controls all of the material flow, picking and transport processes in the warehouse. Utilizing this system, the warehouse performance can be precisely adapted to the specific market requirements while also guaranteeing goods availability.

Furthermore, WAMAS® constantly collects information about the location, quantity and quality of the stored products. It harmonizes this information and makes it available to both the company and its customers. In combination with goods stocks and availability, this creates the greatest possible transparency.

High goods availability has now become a fundamental prerequisite for immediate delivery and is the top priority for enabling short delivery times. It forms the foundation for a company’s success. By modernizing their internal logistics processes, companies can tackle this challenge and lay the foundation for future growth. At SSI SCHAEFER, we serve as your competent and experienced partner. Our outstanding system solutions ensure the optimum goods availability at your company. This enables you to confidently face the challenges of the market!

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