The solution to grant small and medium-sized companies easy access to automation

Automated Guided Vehicle Weasel at C+C Krug

Weasel Lite – maximum flexibility meets direct ROI

The limited availability of the workforce is a challenge for logistics. In order to grant small and medium-sized companies easy access to automation with a ROI, SSI SCHAEFER has developed the WEASEL® Lite. The economical AGV takes care of the internal transportation of small load carriers and connects different areas simply and flexibly – without superior fleet controllers.

The market is a challenge for intralogistics

Companies often opt for the automatic combination of processes for repetitive and standardized logistics tasks to ensure the flexible and timely supply of the required goods. Recruiting reliable warehouse staff for logistics tasks is becoming increasingly difficult. The following factors are crucial for automation projects:

  • Economic efficiency: economical solutions with short implementation times and fast ROI

  • Easy integration into existing warehouses or processes

  • Flexibility in extension and adaptation options

Against this background, SSI SCHAEFER developed the WEASEL® Lite.

What is the Weasel Lite?

The Weasel Lite is a variant of the award-winning automated guided vehicle, the Weasel, for small load carriers by SSI SCHAEFER. Like the classic Weasel system, the Weasel Lite is intended for the transportation of bins, cartons and comparable goods with a weight of up to 35 kg. The two variants mainly differ with regard to control and communication. While the classic system is controlled by a fleet controller with Wi-Fi, the WEASEL® Lite AGVs communicate via Bluetooth. They receive transportation orders via tablet from the person at the place where the materials are needed. Thanks to decentralized control, no IT skills or specific technical know-how are required for material flow planning and commissioning. This means no comprehensive material flow system by SSI SCHAEFER is necessary. This can be done by the customers, as well as commissioning. Thus, the solution can be adapted individually to requirements at any time. The intelligent solution thus enables maximum flexibility by connecting individual areas and is characterized by simplicity and economic efficiency as well as simple and fast commissioning thanks to decentralized control.

What are the benefits of the Weasel Lite?

- Fast and economical access to automation
- Maximum flexibility when connecting individual areas
- Direct, individual adaptation of tracks by the customer
- Short-term extension of fleet possible
- Fast ordering and delivery processes
- Fast and uncomplicated commissioning (no IT infrastructure, no IT skills, no technical skills)
- Decentralized control via tablet, no superior fleet controller necessary (but later on possible)
- No profound IT skills necessary
- Barrier-free and gentle transportation of bins, cartons and other products of different sizes

Weasel Lite - Overview advantages

How do I get a WEASEL® Lite?

The process from today to my first driving WEASEL® Lite.

WEASEL® Lite – AGV with easy integration

The Weasel Lite does not require costly installation, but can be installed and put into operation quickly and easily by the customers themselves. Only a few preparations are necessary: determining the route, and installing the corresponding app to control the AGVs and Weasel Lite vehicles on a tablet or smartphone. A free Weasel Lite Planner is available for material flow planning . The provision of IT, such as a server and Wi-Fi, is not necessary due to decentralized control. Thus, customers immediately benefit from the advantages of automated guided vehicles. The time between placing the order and commissioning is only about a week. 

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WEASEL® Lite Components

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WINDOW FASHION AG has launched the automated guided vehicle system WEASEL® Lite by SSI SCHAEFER for their subsidiary LYSEL Homedekoration, at their branch in Plauen, Germany. “We knew that we were one of the first customers to apply the new WEASEL® Lite product. The simple and fast implementation as well as the autonomy factor, meaning the fact that we can launch our first own AGV fleet, have convinced us. The WEASEL® Lite furthermore promises high flexibility because we can quickly adapt the number of vehicles as well as the route to take into consideration any requirement modifications of the material flow. We assume the investment will pay off quickly. The implementation took only little time and was easy to handle. In only one day, the trainees unpacked the vehicles, stuck the route on the floor and launched the fleet.” – M. Geier, E-Commerce businessman

Window Fashion and Lysel implemented Weasel Lite

WEASEL® Lite for easy access to automation

Easily connect internal production and logistics areas and efficiently supply demand points with small load carriers.

Easy linking of internal production and logistics areas and efficient replenishment of small load carriers where they are needed; the automated guided vehicle WEASEL® Lite by SSI SCHAEFER offers all this without complex installation. The WEASEL Lite can be flexibly deployed in all sectors of industry; it is economical and can be launched by simple plug & play thanks to its decentralized control. This facilitates a smooth material flow, which can be adapted to new requirements or extended readily by users at any time.

WEASEL® Lite - Structure in time lapse

Easy Installation.

The WEASEL® Lite does not require costly installation, but can be installed and put into operation fast and easily by the customers themselves. Convince yourself.

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Plug & play commissioning of WEASEL® Lite

The WEASEL® Lite can be easily integrated into existing premises and processes

WEASEL® Lite can be easily integrated into existing buildings and processes. Only minor preparations are necessary including planning and establishing the route, the setup of the tablet or mobile phone with the AGVs controlling app and switching on the vehicles. Learn more about this in our WEASEL Lite installation best practice example.


  • Maximum flexibility for transporting small load carriers

The Weasel Lite concept can be adapted flexibly to dynamic market requirements and the complex needs of the users. The vehicle fleets follow an optical track that is stuck to the floor according to the desired route. The huge advantage is that the route can be easily defined and adapted flexibly by the users at any time. Increased performance requirements can be fulfilled quickly and hassle-free by adding more vehicles, thanks to short delivery times. Upgrading to a classic Weasel solution is possible at any point. By integrating an additional control system into the existing Weasel fleet, users can benefit from further efficiency increases.

  • Fast and economical automation

The Weasel Lite is an economical solution for a first introduction to the automation of internal transportation. It is characterized by low purchasing costs compared to common conveying systems because the costly installation of an IT structure and complex layout planning can be avoided. Users not only benefit from short-term increases in productivity by a continuous workload and significant increases in efficiency with regard to work in progress resulting from automation, but also from a fast Return on Investment (ROI).

WEASEL® Lite meets space-saving vertical lift module SSI LOGIMAT®

The SSI LOGIMAT® storage lift is a small parts storage and picking solution in one system. Users benefit from a space-saving solution while simultaneously increasing picking speed. The solution focuses on ergonomics, safety and efficiency. The storage lift can be used in any industry sector and efficiently and expediently supports in-house processes.

Vertical Lift Module SSI Logimat at C+C Krug

Connection of the WEASEL® Lite with storage lift

There are different options to control a vertical lift module or to integrate it into an existing software system e.g. ERP system. This digitalization creates transparent processes, fast overview, inventory accuracy and traceability of stock to simplify inventory and effectively improve storage processes. Further efficiency benefits along the process chain serve to achieve automation of in-feed and take-away processes at the Logimat.

By integrating the Weasel Lite, bins automatically continue transportation after picking. This allows, for example, intelligent linking of the picking area, goods-in area, production line or shipping area. At the same time, employees are released because manual carrying of picked orders to a transfer station can be omitted. In turn, this considerably reduces travel times in picking. Interruptions of the picking process caused by carrying can also be omitted. This helps to considerably increase the picking performance and save costs. 

Frequently Asked Questions regarding or AGV Weasel Lite.

The Weasel Lite is intended for the transportation of bins, cartons and comparable, stable transport goods with a weight of up to 35 kg and maximum dimensions of 600 x 400 x 510 mm (length x width x height). The AGV is designed for use on flat surfaces in closed rooms with a temperature of between 2 to 50 °C (non condensing). Another important requirement for smooth operation of the Weasel Lite is the floor condition. The floor should be free from any major soiling (e.g. dirt, oil, etc.). The solution is only suitable for application in areas with interference-free Bluetooth Low Energy communication. The maximum admissible speed is 1.0 m/s.

Important notes for the use of the Weasel Lite:

  • CE installation declaration is within the responsibility of the customer. 

  • CE declaration for the provided products is within the responsibility of SSI Schaefer. 

  • No application of the products in ESD environment. 

  • No application of the products in ATEX / explosive environment. 

  • No application of the products in cleanroom. 

  • No application of the products on wet / oily surfaces. 

  • No application of the products on damaged surfaces (friction coefficiant µ > 0,6). 

  • No application of the products on dirty surfaces. 

  • No application of the products on ships / in mining. 

  • No significant vibrations to the vehicle. 

  • Apply only indoor.

  • Apply only in a temperature range between 2°C and 50°C. 

  • Safety shoes must be worn at all times. 

  • No integration of the Tablet into a Wi-Fi system.

  • Electrical conductivity of the floor: The electrical resistance of the floor is required to be < 10⁸ Ohm. 

  • No transport of aggressive/flammable goods. 

  • Interference-free Bluetooth Low Energy communication required. 

  • Transportable goods in defined dimensions (max. 600 mm x 400 mm; max. weight 35 kg). 

  • No gradients possible.

The Weasel Lite App is an Android App for communicating with the automated guided vehicles. Users can request the vehicles intuitively via the app at the place where they are needed or enter a new destination.

The Weasel Lite can be used as an indoor AGV for all internal material transportation in all sectors of industry. These include: goods-in check, buffering, packaging & shipping, installation or production.

When is the Weasel Lite to be preferred over a classic Weasel installation?

The most suitable Weasel installation depends on its usage, where you need to consider the complexity of the layout and the fleet size. The Weasel Lite is ideal for small to medium-sized fleets and layouts with low complexity. Larger fleets require control by a superior fleet controller. This is only possible with a classic Weasel installation.

Weasel ClassicWEASEL LITE

IT interface (e.g. MFS/WMS) necessary



Communication with rolling doors/rolling gates/fire protection system



fleet controller




Wireless network (5 GHZ)


Fleet size



Layout complexity







SSI Schaefer



Adaptations = SSI Schaefer, some trained customers

Extensions = SSI Schaefer

Adaptations = SSI Schaefer, some trained customers

Extensions = SSI Schaefer

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