Apprenticeship as Manufacturing Mechanic

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Manufacturing Mechanic (M/F/D)

As a production mechanic, you work in the ongoing production processes. You assemble, check and test components and assemblies. You ensure that the work processes on our machines and systems are safe and make optimizations if necessary.

To this end, you know exactly how these machines and systems work and adjust them optimally. You also take care of the care and maintenance of the machines so that they run smoothly at all times. In the manufacturing process, you monitor the machines and equipment, check the quality of the products and also the starting material. You are familiar with material qualities and carefully document your test results so that errors can be accurately tracked.

Training as a production mechanic (M/W/D) lasts 3 years

  • Production of components and assemblies

  • Production, assembly and disassembly of simple and complex systems

  • Maintenance and repair of plants and machines for steel and sheet metal processing, up to plastics processing and machining

  • Troubleshooting and root cause analysis in case of plant shutdowns

  • Optimization of existing equipment

  • Installation, troubleshooting and, if necessary, repair of pneumatic and hydraulic systems

  • Good secondary school diploma, secondary modern school diploma or vocational school diploma

  • Skilled craftsmanship

  • Good spatial awareness

  • Good comprehension

  • Ability to work in a team and flexibility

  • Good knowledge of mathematics and physics

  • Interest in and understanding of technical/functional interrelationships

  • High level of commitment and willingness to learn

Neunkirchen (Siegerland), Giebelstadt

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