An Intelligent Pallet Configurator

WAMAS® Software Modules Revolutionize Robot-aided Packing using Vision Technology


Palletization that leverages an intelligent pallet configurator technology

Building or stacking the perfect pallet means maximizing the amount of product per each pallet. Palletization is basically the act of placing cases of product onto a pallet and getting them ready for shipment—regardless of pallet size. Once the pallet is built, the pallet is ready to load onto a truck for shipping—usually to a retailer or end-user customer.  It’s the build out of the pallet that is important. A well-built pallet maximizes volume of the pallet, and this is where a pallet generator software comes into play.

Pallet configuration technology is where SSI SCHAEFER leverages the intelligence of WAMAS®, the logistics software suite and vision technology that is used by distribution centers worldwide. WAMAS utilizes an algorithm called the Pack Pattern Generator along with vision technology. When products are inducted or received from manufacturers, cases are weighed and dimensions captured by the vision technology software. This information is stored in a master file. When an order is being picked for shipment, WAMAS understands which products are being picked for that pallet, and it knows exactly how to generate pallet optimization. The software calculates the ideal pack pattern for a highly dense optimized pallet pattern build. The software also knows which products to pick first from storage, which is typically automated. Once the items are picked, the palletizer builds the pallet according to the WAMAS Pack Pattern Generator.

For food distributor applications, the Pack Pattern Generator is utilized to build out mixed SKU pallets. The construction of these pallets can be done automatically using WAMAS and an SSI SCHAEFER palletizer. Not only does the Pack Pattern Generator understand how to build the perfect pallet. The software even builds them according to product temperature for easy multi-temp trailers or temperature-controlled trucks, which defines pallet optimization at its best.

An Intelligent SSI SCHAEFER Palletizer Hard at Work Building the Perfect Pallet

SSI SCHAEFER Palletizer Pallet Con
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