Mobile Racking Systems

Get more storage capacity with less space with mobile racking systems.

Mobile Racks in motion

Efficient Space Utilization for Optimum Warehouse Material Handling

Mobile racking systems from SSI SCHAEFER lets you optimize your space requirement and save on space. Mobile racking is a customizable storage racking system, so sizing is configurable to your needs. Well suited for both heavy loads and large goods, mobile racking solutions offer an array of solutions for pallets, tires, tooling, and cold storage applications for food products.

Made with the highest quality and German-engineered from a name you trust. Combine this modular semi-automated mobile solution with other SSI SCHAEFER products like an AGV or conveyor systems to help save on labor costs. Mobile racking comes in variations, too, like a cantilever option, tire storage, and optional components.

Save on Storage Capacity and Square Footage with Mobile Storage

A single working aisle opens for storage easy storage and forklift access. Mobile racking systems from SSI SCHAEFER work in existing and new greenfield facilities. Reduced operating costs result from increased space utilization by up to 80%. Compared to conventional storage solutions and conventional pallet racking, you get an increased storage capacity of up to 90% with an overall space savings of 45%.

Advantages of Mobile Racking Systems

  • Custom storage system

  • Increase storage capacity up to 90%

  • Space savings of up to 45%

  • Highly efficient and durable for heavy loads

  • It can integrate with other system components, such as an automated guided vehicle or a conveyor system

German Engineered for Heavy Loads

Made from high-strength steel with high inherent stiffness to ensure long service life, mobile pallet racking systems from SSI SCHAEFER are both durable and handle heavy load types with ease. This complete high-density storage system utilizes a rail system that is easily configurable to your footprint.

The racking solution is determined by your application and goods stored. Pallets, containers, or barrels, for example, are stored on pallet racks. While long and bulky parts are ideally stored utilizing cantilever racks.

Mobile racking systems from SSI SCHAEFER can also come equipped with movable sprinklers to ensure effective fire protection. In addition, access aisles with an optional remote-control feature that saves time.

The intelligent system controls with a programable logic that monitors the safety of the entire system. Utilizing photoelectric access barriers and foot-level safety light barriers on each mobile carrier ensures the utmost safe operation. SSI SCHAEFER mobile racking is installed on a mobile base or rail guide, so it also satisfies local seismic requirements

Modular Shelving System

Mobile Shelving for Light and Medium-Weight Loads

Mobile shelf for tires

Tire storage with the EMX mobile rack

Mobile Racking ESX

Mobile pallet racks

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