Vertical Lift Module Options: added value through additional functions

The SSI LOGIMAT® vertical lift module already includes a number of helpful functions as standard. Various additional options offer real added value when configuring your individual device. These are perfectly coordinated and optimize the requirements for safety at your warehouse, ergonomics, performance and efficiency.

Picking at SSI LOGIMAT in combination with SSI WEASEL

Optimize warehouse ergonomics when picking goods

When designing ergonomic workstations, different body sizes have a decisive influence on posture. The options LOGIWORK and LOGITILT offer further individual optimizations.


LOGIWORK: Set the optimum removal height

When designing ergonomic workstations, different body sizes have a decisive influence on posture. With LOGIWORK, the height of the shelf can be adjusted and adapted to the operator.

Bending and stretching are avoided and your employees' health is protected in the long term.

LOGITILT: More ergonomic picking of goods

An extension of the LOGIWORK option is LOGITILT. In addition to the removal height, the tray in the operating opening can also be tilted by up to 30°. This results more efficiency in warehouse picking and  in several advantages for your employees: 

  • The rear containers are brought closer to the operator: The tray is 815 mm deep, but the maximum gripping depth is less than 700 mm, which greatly improves warehouse ergonomics.

  • A much more comfortable and healthier posture: the upper body hardly needs to be bent at all. 

  • Improved visibility into the containers on the tray: working speed and picking quality increase

  • Separate adjustment possible for each tray: Depending on the stored material, a different inclination may be necessary. This significantly increases flexibility and ergonomics.

LOGIDUAL: Efficient Warehouse picking through alternating swapping to two output levels in the same access opening

LOGIDUAL can increase the speed of the SSI LOGIMAT by always moving the next required tray to a waiting position behind the operating opening. This means that the next tray can be changed as quickly as possible. The lift movements are carried out during order picking.

Optimizing the picking process

To make order picking even faster and more efficient, SSI SCHAEFER offers two additional options: LOGIBAR and LOGIPOINTER.


LOGIBAR: Simple acknowledgement for faster order picking

The removal is acknowledged by pressing the bar (LOGIBAR), which is positioned at a convenient height across the entire width of the machine. This means that the operator can acknowledge the retrieval directly at the respective retrieval point without having to go to the touchscreen. In addition to the increased picking speed, this option also contributes to improved work and warehouse ergonomics.

LOGIPOINTER: Efficient operating aid for removal and placement

With the help of a laser pointer, the LOGIPOINTER, a clearly visible crosshair is projected onto the goods to be picked or stored. This visually supportive pick-by-light system virtually eliminates careless mistakes. 

LMB containers: quick and easy adaptation to your stored goods

LMB containers have been specially designed for use in the SSI LOGIMAT. The bins are optimized for the tray depth of 800 mm and can be further subdivided with dividers. This enables quick and easy allocation of your stored items.

LOGISAFEPICK: Error-free picking thanks to traffic light system

To avoid errors, SSI SCHAEFER has developed a tracking system. A transponder on the employee's arm and a three-dimensional camera system determine the arm position in real time with millimeter precision. A colored light indicates whether the correct product has been picked.

LOGIGATE: more safety and cleanliness for your stored goods

LOGIGATE is a lift gate that separates the lift shaft from the access opening. Your goods are also protected against unauthorized access and soiling. The lift gate consists of two parts that are connected by a chain. The lower half of the door serves as a counterweight. This function halves the time and saves energy.

Vertical Lift Module LOGIMAT® for small parts storage and picking

LOGIDRIVE: more warehouse ergonomics for the use of heavy loads

LogiDrive is an automatic feature where the tray extends outwards towards the individual. The roller tracks allow for a smooth and quiet operation. This ergonomic feature is great for heavy goods handled with a crane, for example.

SSI Logimat with LogiDrive

LOGIPULL: access all areas by pulling out the tray

The LogiPull is a manual, full pull out tray function with two foldout tray mounts. These mounts fit onto the racking uprights, but fixation to the floor is not necessary. The access opening and the folding handles fit with the roller tracks, which minimizes the manual force of the tray extension.

SSI Logimat with LogiPull

What are the advantages of a vertical lift module?

Vertical Lift Module LogiMat®

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