Manufacturer Expertise

International experience combined with more than 80 years of manufacturer expertise Our specially selected customer references show the SSI LOGIMAT® at work in various industries, resolving individual challenges.

Vertical Lift Module LOGIMAT SLL

Experience and Manufacturer Expertise

International experience combined with more than 80 years of manufacturer expertise

Our specially selected customer references show the SSI LOGIMAT® at work in various industries, resolving individual challenges.

SSI SCHAEFER offers a globally unique range of products designed for mutual compatibility, that can also be customized and expanded precisely to your requirements. One of these is the SSI LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module, offering an all-in-one clever warehousing and picking solution for every industry – as a stand-alone "goods-to-person" solution, or as a module integrated into automated material flows.

SSI SCHAEFER’s customers from a variety of different industries can optimize their in-house processes with the SSI LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module. Whether production logistics, warehouse logistics, or e-commerce – the vertical lift module is a highly efficient way to store and pick small and replacement parts. It is also possible to incorporate the vertical lift module into other warehouse areas, such as conveying systems or ergonomic assembly work stations. Benefit from a powerful, reliable, and ergonomic warehousing and picking solution as an all-in-one system.

Müller Martini

Storage and picking of small parts for production

Do you want to save space and make full use of the height of your building? With a maximum-density storage strategy that optimizes the use of floor space and height, the SSI LOGIMAT® provides the perfect solution

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Vertical Lift Module LOGIMAT (Type SLL)

C+C Krug

The route to automation with SSI LOGIMAT® and WEASEL®

The plastic electroplating specialist C + C Kruger GmbH took the route to semi-automation of logistics processes together with SSI SCHAEFER: Three SSI LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Modules, two WEASEL® type automated guided vehicles, and a short bin conveying system, ensure efficient processes between warehouse and production.

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Cooperation C+C Krug and SSI SCHAEFER english

Niemann + Frey GmbH

Storage and picking of small parts

As one of the leading wholesalers in Europe, Niemann + Frey GmbH supplies the motorcycle and scooter industry with high-quality spare parts and accessories. The small-parts assortment comprises more than 150,000 different items, 50,000 of which are constantly available at the logistics center in Krefeld – with a guaranteed outbound delivery rate of 97 percent.

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VBH Holding GmbH

Storage and picking of items for online shipping

Based in Korntal-Münchingen, VBH Holding GmbH is Europe's largest retailer of window and door fittings. The assortment includes both products from well-known manufacturers and in-house developments, distributed via online shipping. The storage and picking of around 15,500 items in VBH's central warehouse in Bad Dürrenberg are a basic component of the supply chain. An extensive portfolio of small parts such as screws, cover caps, and fittings are constantly in stock across an area of 19,000 square meters, and are delivered to customers within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the order.

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Full view of LOGIMAT reference VBH

QuantiParts B.V.

Efficient picking and storage of spare parts

As a subsidiary of the Finnish Group Wärtsila – one of the leading manufacturers of marine engines and power plants – QuantiParts B.V. supplies customers all over the world with OEM components for the shipping and power generation markets. Up to 5.5 million small parts for more than 40 different engines can be stored in the warehouse.

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Complete view of LOGIMAT at QuantiParts

DCH Auriga

Semi-automated solutions for distribution hub of healthcare across Thailand.
Thailand is gaining worldwide recognition for the quality of its healthcare services. In 2019, the country was ranked sixth among 89 countries with the best healthcare systems*. To serve growing patient needs, DCH Auriga has expanded its distribution center to be at the forefront of the industry.

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DCH Auriga Logimat case study

FREJA Transport & Logistics A/S

Vertical Lift Modules give FREJA enough space to store approx. 40,000 pairs of shoes

Thanks to SSI LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Modules, FREJA is now able to store and pick the same number of shoes on just 350 m², instead of 1,000 m², and is well-equipped for future growth.
The space-saving solution even allowed FREJA to consolidate several warehouse locations, and terminate an external lease agreement, so that now all warehousing activities are combined under one roof.

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More detailed information about vertical lift modules, the benefits and drawbacks compared to paternoster systems, and the simplicity of digital transformation can be found here.

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