The SSI LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module can be compared to an oversized drawer cabinet with two rows of trays. Between the two rows is a lift, which pulls out the individual trays and moves them to the operator opening. Each tray can be individually loaded with bins or cartons, or used without any kind of partitioning.

Vertical Lift Module LOGIMAT

Pick virtually error-free and save space with the VLM storage system SSI LOGIMAT

What is a vertical lift module? It’s a storage cabinet that vertically stores parts or other inventory and can scale to heights up to 78 feet. A VLM is similar to an oversized drawer cabinet with two stacks of trays, one at the front and one at the back. The lift climbs to retrieve a tray and brings it to an open window so a user can retrieve items for use or place items on the tray for secure storage. To pick and retrieve an item, users simply work with graphic display. The unit saves an enormous amount of space, which also saves on real estate costs. A VLM is typically the first step into an automated storage and retrieval system. Companies can incorporate a VLM or multiple VLMs into their applications to store everything from nuts and bolts to pharmaceuticals. Vertical lift modules are secure and integrate into ERP solutions like SAP, and Oracle, among others, and works with a warehouse management system. The SSI LOGIMAT® offers a variety of software integration options and operational features that make picking and storing easy for employees.

The Small Parts Warehousing and Picking Solution in One Complete System that’s Engineered to Last

The SSI LOGIMAT vertical lift module provides multiple benefits for companies looking to deliver error-free picking or provide a secure inventory picking and warehousing solution. The SSI LOGIMAT VLM also is built to last and is the official SSI LOGIMAT vertical lift module from SSI SCHAEFER, so you know it’s engineered to perfection. Machine load capacity is up to 66 U.S. tons with a standard design. Higher capacity rates are available. Each tray can be loaded individually with totes, cartons, or bins, or it can be used without any dividers for items needing larger storage capacity.

These exclusive features make the SSI LOGIMAT vertical lift module the most robust VLM on the market.

  • Rack and pinion gear system, which provides a smooth and quiet operation 

  • LogiTilt provides an ergonomic retrieval of goods by reducing the user's reach for items

  • An innovative trade design allows for space and weight optimization

  • Touch screen user interface with intuitive navigation

  • Sorting accessories, such as the LMB bin series, which are optimized for a tray depth of 800 mm / 31.5"

Plus, the SSI LOGIMAT vertical lift module features an exclusive rack and pinion gear system that prevents common misalignments due to standard belts and chains and drastically deduces downtimes and required maintenance. The tray lifter moves up and down on steel columns, driving trays with engineered precision every time.

  • Integrates easily with SAP with the SPS EasyConnect add-on and also integrates with other ERP systems

  • The SSI LOGIMAT VLM works by using the goods to person principle, which is convenient and fast

  • Individual configuration is available, which makes this VLM an employee favorite

  • Tray heights can vary based on items stored

  • Maximum availability given the robust engineered design

  • Intuitive user interface provides an easy-to-learn picking system

  • Works in multiple industries from retail, healthcare, education, automotive, or any other industry where part storage and security is needed

  • Resolve your small parts storage challenges with the SSI LOGIMAT® VLM

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