SSI Mobile Robots & Shelving Systems

Shelving Systems & SSI Mobile Robot

SSI Mobile Robots & Shelving Systems

Plug & Play solution packages make it possible to increase small parts handling capacity and efficiency at short notice

Shelving systems in combination with mobile robots are perfect for ensuring customer satisfaction by significantly shortening picking and order throughput times. The holistic solution package designed by SSI SCHAEFER is perfect for e-commerce. Plus, it can be installed quickly in existing facilities and is easily scalable whenever needed, thus reducing logistics costs over a longer period of time.

Your challenges

How to identify improvement potentials and optimize your small parts handling

•    Insufficient storage density
Challenges utilising the given or planned cubatures of the building.

•    Need for scalable automation
Need for first, step-wise automated processes (goods-to-person-picking).

•    Picking / delivery performance
Forecastable, reliable pick & hence delivery performance, e.g. throughout seasonal peaks not given.

•    Insufficient ergonomics
Impacts of demographic change & physical workload of repetitive processes.

•    Low delivery quality
Picking errors lead to unsatisfied customers and extra corrective efforts.

•    Personnel costs & availability
Increased labour costs and challenging labour availability have direct impact on customer satisfaction.

SSI Mobile Robots & Shelving Systems

Generating Future Security via Plug & Play

Shelving Systems & Mobile Robot

Solution Promise

For reliable planning, implementation and expandability

We can guarantee you this in advance

•    Scalability
Solution grows with requirements and spontaneous demands.

•    One partner
An integrating partner for the entire solution including all interfaces. From the first conversation to service issues.

•    Predefined interfaces
Physical & system interfaces are considered and guaranteed.

•    High economic efficiency
Amortization within a few month possible.

•    Quick implemantation
Approx. 3-5 months for deployment, 1 month to go live.

•    Increaseof storage density
Increases storage density by ~ 80%-130% possible.

Solution at a glance



1. SSI Mobile Robots I RackBots
2. Container
3. Bin conveying systems
4. Racking systems
5. Workstations

6. RackBotPort
7. SSI Logimat®
8. Weasel®
9. Automated guided vehicles (AGVs)
10. Mobile Racking System

Learn more about the specific products

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Vertical Lift Module LOGIMAT

Vertical Lift Module SSI LOGIMAT® Efficient, Compact, Reliable

Automated Guided Vehicles at SSI Schaefer

Automated Guided Vehicles

Automated guided WEASEL®

AGVs for Small Load Carriers

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