A New Spare Parts Warehouse for Swedish Agro

How do we accommodate over 23,000 spare parts of various dimensions in a single warehouse? Swedish Agro asked itself this question when planning its new spare parts warehouse. The answer was simple--with engineered products from SSI SCHAEFER!

Setting up the new warehouse

In 2016, Swedish Agro Machinery took over the import of Claas products, a manufacturer of agricultural machinery to Sweden and Norway. This not only changed the responsibility, but the efficient provision of spare parts had to be ensured. Swedish Agro decided to set up a new spare parts warehouse. Skåne Skurup was chosen, one of Sweden's most agriculturally fertile areas and centrally located.

This enables the company to supply its 25 workshops quickly and directly with spare parts. If these are not available on-site, Swedish Agro guarantees that they will be supplied from one day to the next.

A challenge for the warehouse equipment

A particular challenge was that the parts had to be stored in different ways due to various dimensions. It was the scope of these variations that the warehouse equipment was required to provide. Swedish Agro had already realized several projects with SSI SCHAEFER in the past and therefore involved them as a partner in the project from the very beginning.

“We were looking for one supplier for the overall system. We wanted to partner with the manufacturer to ensure the best quality of the equipment and total control over its production. That is why SSI SCHAEFER was selected as a general contractor for the project,” shares Martin Gerdtsson, Spare Parts Manager at Swedish Agro Machinery in Skurup.

Pallet racking systems for the pallets and vertical lift modules for small parts

Ten different types of storage have been implemented at Swedish Agro. These include long-span and cantilever racking for lying goods, and standing moldings are stored in compartments. The spare parts, some of which are quite large, are stored safely and effectively.

The racking systems provide space for pallets and can be loaded with up to 30 tons. However, the height of the hall was also optimized: on one side that is flanked by a narrow aisle storage system with shelves, and on the other side the installation of two SSI LOGIMAT® vertical lift modules, which store around 16,000 items of mostly smaller spare parts.

An optimized pick and pack process

After the goods arrive, they are unpacked manually, sorted by type and size, and stored accordingly. Spare parts for agricultural machinery vary greatly in size, number, and weight. The spectrum ranges from individual screws to drive screws in the ten-meter class.

If goods are required for an order, one of the employees picks them manually or with the help of a forklift truck. He then packs them at the workstations and prepares them for shipment. All orders received before 3:30 p.m. are delivered to the service workshops the next morning. This is possible thanks to the sophisticated logistics solution with overnight deliveries.

Ensures spare parts availability in the region

"Swedish Agro is very reliable to its customers and delivers the promised quality and delivery times. Our facility can be expanded and adapted to new requirements to keep up with the expansion of the spare parts business. We are very pleased to manage this project and to support Swedish Agro in optimizing the material flow," summarizes Anders Jonasson, Sales Manager at SSI SCHAEFER.

With the new spare parts warehouse, Swedish Agro strengthens its already good position by ensuring spare parts availability in the region and optimizing capacities.

The main reasons for working with SSI SCHAEFER were that the company already knew our needs from previous cooperation. And of course also that they had a solution for storing spare parts with a wide range of dimensions. The cooperation between Swedish Agro and SSI Schaefer couldn’t been better. Everything has been just in time and set up exactly as we have been talking about in advance.

Martin Gerdtsson
Spare Parts Manager, Swedish Agro Machinery
Martin Gerdtsson
Spare Parts Manager, Swedish Agro Machinery

Ten Different Types of Storage Implemented

Swedish Agro Machinery needed to accommodate over 23,000 spare parts of various dimensions in a single warehouse in order to be able to supply its 25 workshops quickly and directly with spare parts. With racking systems and vertical lift modules from SSI SCHAEFER, it was not only possible to implement a scalable solution, but also to further strengthen Swedish Agro's good position.

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